Saturday, 25 October 2014

Haul: MAC, NARS, Guerlain, Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs

I have had a few random parcels come in over the past few weeks, from the MAC Matte Lip Launch, the FeelUnique £10 off deals, and a couple of Facebook sales too. None of them really warranted their own post so I kept them all for one big one!

Scary reflection on the Marc Jacobs palette for you all!
Lets start with the MAC Matte Lip collection and the Urban Decay and Nars Lip pencil. The MAC pencil is still available on the MAC website, and the lipstick you can find on Debenhams and House of Fraser. (Ignore the brown icon, it was like that on the MAC website too but I took a chance based on the Temptalia swatch and the 'raspberry' description) I got the Urban Decay from FeelUnique and the Nars Train Bleu from The Urban Retreat Boutique.

Urban Decay Venom and Mac Matte Lip Fashion Revival
MAC Fashion Boost Matte Liner and NARS Velvet Matte Train Bleu
I wanted Fashion Boost as it's extremely close to MAC Heroine liner and therefore matches Heroine matte lipstick really well, one of my favourite lip colours! It has been discontinued for a while so I was happy to see it restocked! I also couldn't turn down a matte raspberry lipstick! I picked up Urban Decay venom in the FeelUnique £10 off £25 to get me over £25 so got it for roughly £5. I love the texture and formula of Urban Decay revolution lipsticks but the bullet is a little imprecise due to the shape. I have both Venom and Shame now, but I definitely want to pick up the Urban Decay Lip Stash when it launches in the UK (I have been assured by the UD girl in Debenhams it is coming over here!)

NARS Train Bleu was a pain to find! ASOS, Selfridges, Space NK and were all out of stock but I was happy to find it on the The Urban Retreat Boutique, and they have free shipping at the moment.

Amazing swatches: Train Bleu, Fashion Boost, Venom, Fashion Revival
Next up is an item I have avoided for a while because I was worried I wouldn't be adventurous enough to use it!
Urban Decay Electric Palette
There are certainly some shades that will get more use than others but I am really pleased I took the plunge and picked this up. Jilted, Urban, Fringe and Slowburn have an absolutely gorgeous sheen to them. All of them of course have the amazing Urban Decay pigmentation and I hope I can pull these off on my face! Swatches below on NW10 skin.

Thrash, Freak, Urban, Jilted, Chaos, Revolt, Savage, Slowburn, Fringe, Gonzo
Sticking with eyeshadow palettes I also picked up the Guerlain Les Violines palette. The packaging and embossing on the shadows is so pretty. I am such a packaging junkie and Guerlain never lets you down (if we ignore those Bubble Blushes which could have been so beautiful!)

These are a smokier, mauvey selection of purples which will be great for a smokey muted purple eye.

Too pretty to use!
Amazing Swatches
Another incredibly needed addition to my blush collection was the Clinique Cheek Pop in Plum Pop. I also have this in Berry Pop and they are pretty close, but Plum, as the name suggests, has a more purple undertone which is great for Autumn/Winter whereas Berry pulls more pink so better for Spring.
Plum Pop - Berry Pop
Amazing swatches: Plum Pop and Berry Pop
They are quite similar, but the Cheek Pops have an amazing formula and currently only have 4 shades (I do not have Peach or Ginger pop) so I do think it is worth having both as they are different enough for me and the formula is amazing. Plus they just look so pretty in the compact.

Last but not least is my Marc Jacobs Lolita palette. Sadly you currently cannot get Marc Jacobs beauty in the UK, but you can however order it from Sephora US. They are pricey palettes (after taxes and the shipping fee from Sephora you are looking at £50-55) and a lot of people haven't been impressed with the pigmentation. However when I saw this being sold on a UK facebook beauty group I had to try it. And I am so glad I did, I adore it, I am usually not a fan of shimmery eyeshadows but the glitter and shimmer shades in this palette are wonderful.

Definitely appeals to me packaging loves
The pan colours definitely do not do this palette justice. The first three are fairly true to pan but the last four come to life on the skin. The fourth is a stunning glittery pink gold. It is quite a chunky glitter shade but its gorgeous so I can deal with the fallout. The fifth (sorry there are no shade names!) is a lovely pinky nude, and the final 2 are a light and deep gold shimmer. Seriously stunning. 
Pretty all the way!
Now the bad news is that I like this palette a lot so I am tempted by both The Tease and The Enigma. I just wish they were easier to get hold of in the UK! The only thing I can say with regards to pigmentation is they washed off a lot easier than the Urban Decay but that was in the shower with soap so not a particularly reliable experiment!

Hope you enjoyed this mish mash of different things today!

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