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Memebox Princess Edition 2 Sleeping Beauty: Unboxing and Review

As these boxes came express in a bundle I got all three today (and an order from BeautyNetKorea, yes the real one not the pretend one I spoke about last time haha) so today was a good Korean Beauty Day!
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This box is, as suggested by the name, full of products to use overnight. I like my sleep so these products will get plenty of chance to get absorbed into my face/body/hair/whatever!

So here are the info cards:

Click for a larger size if illegible 

So like the Snow White box that I reviewed earlier today this box contains 6 full size products.

Here they are altogether!
Another lovely jam packed box!
So again, nothing remotely princess themed but still true to the 'sleeping night care' theme.

Onto the products!

1. Reinplatz Intensive Moisture Pack 23g $4
This was randomly chosen between hand and foot and I got a hand mask. Its basically a pair of gloves with a deep moisturing hand cream which you leave on for 20 minutes. I am always in need of hand cream especially in Winter so this will be a nice treat!

2. Vella Neck Tight Cream 50ml $30
Did you know, says Memebox, that your neck skin is 2/3 thinner than that of your face and thus shows signs of ageing faster. I have massaged this into my neck and it feels lovely, thick but not heavy, with no noticeable scent. It soaked in quickly too which is nice as no one wants a sticky neck at bedtime!

3. D'Ran Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream 25g $35
I knew I wouldn't get away without another eye cream. I'm set for life! This seems just like every other eye cream I have got from Memebox. Nothing wrong with that, its just not anything excited and new for me personally! It smells nice though and has a lovely texture, so a welcome addition to my eye cream family.

4. DermaHouse Aloe Vera Aqua Gel 150ml $29
This is made from 80% aloe vera extracts and is suitable for all skin types. It is a sleeping pack which claims it will create a protective barrier to keep your skin soft overnight and lock in moisture and nutrition! Sounds nice. I did expect sleeping packs in this box and this is the first of two.

5. e choice Aloe Vera All Care Cream 10g $3
This is a handy little balm for any areas you may be having bother with. It says you can use it on lips so I assume it is safe to ingest. A handy little pot of balm is not something I would typically use as nightcare, as this is something you could keep in your handbag for day to day, but its a useful little product.

6. Dewytree Aqua Collagen Peptide Sleeping Mask 150ml

I have had Dewytree products before and enjoyed them so I am pleased to receive this. It boasts some interesting sounding ingredients, such as collagen, green tea extract and medicinal mushrooms! This claims to have brightening and anti ageing properties too. It doesn't have much of a smell which I find to be a positive if I am going to be sleeping with it on!

So overall I am pleased with this box. It does live up to its brief, but there's nothing crazily WOW about anything in here I guess. I will use it all, and it is a good value box, retailing for $29 plus $7 postage and having a Memebox value of $129. Not as high as the Snow White box, and it does have two 'filler type' items with lower values in the balm and the hand mask. I am pleased with it though. I wouldn't buy this box again (whereas the Snow White I would repurchase!)

If you like the products in this box I would recommend the 'While You Were Sleeping' Memebox, which is not a new horror thriller film, but a creepily titled new Memebox which is pretty much guaranteed to have similar products to this. Access the box through the link below to get affiliate discounts, and use either of these 2 codes to get an additional $5 off!

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Rapunzel is next!


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