Monday, 20 October 2014

Memebox Superbox 61 My Cute Wishlist 3: Unboxing and Review

Another day, another Memebox! This time my first in the Cute Wishlist series, number 3! Number 1 was fairly universally adored, and Number 2 was universally abhorred. Okay I probably exaggerated on both accounts there but you get my drift. This one isn't getting a great reception but I am not sure I agree with that! Read on for my verdict!

 Memebox shop!
Memebox Shop!
So I thought the packaging of all the items was pretty sweet when I opened up the box. Here is how it looks when artfully arranged...

Looks cute to me!
So lets get into the nitty gritty of what all this pink means:

Back of card (so eloquent)
1. Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 5g $12
Okay so a lot of people are over Hope Girl as it has showed up a lot in past boxes. Thats totally a fair call. For me, I haven never received any Hope Girl so I didn't have that immediate 'meh' reaction to seeing more pink leopard print packaged items in my new box. I must say I always thought the pink leopard was crazy tacky... however in real life its actually really cute!
This is a tinted lip balm which you could have got a choice of three colours, Strawberry, Love Peach and Hot Cherry. I got Love Peach, peach not being my colour at all so I will be trading this, unswatched.

Verdict: Cute!

2. Shara Shara Fairy's Make Up Synergy Sun Cream SPF 45 30ml $21
This item got a lot of people's knickers in a twist, claiming it was creepy and not cute. I guess I can see why they would say that but I think enough people would find it cute to allow it in a Cute Wishlist box. This is a suncream and primer in one. I must say I find the actual cardboard packaging cuter than the doll itself, very pastel and ethereal. I am quite fussy with my suncreams and primers, and although I do see how she is cute she isn't something I would display so she will also be traded.]

Verdict: Cute! (However I am biased as I love Japanese dolls that many find creepy, let me introduce you to my Toast!)

Toast is my 1972 Kenner Blythe doll. I adore her!
Okay back to Memebox! Third item.

3. ddung Family Foam Cleansing Cream 120ml $12
This packaging is cute, who could deny that. Its so cute! I love it. There were 2 options, Fruits, which I got, and Milky. In an ideal world I'd have chosen Milky but this smells divine too. I love cleansing foams, there's nothing particularly unique or exciting about it, but it is cute. This fruits blend has plum, grapefruit, peach, apple, tangerine and blueberry and is extremely moisturising. I can definitely buy that as its super thick when it lathers and feels lovely on the skin.

Verdict: Super cute!

4. Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub 10g $7
I love lip scrubs, and this one is the nicest of the three I have received so far in Memebox. It's not super scrubby but then I don't like scrubs to be too harsh on the lips anyway. I can definitely smell the honey in this and it feels very soothing on the lips. I wish this was 'edible' as I wish with every Memebox scrub I get as remembering to take it off is not my forte, but I am sure ingesting small amounts of walnut shells and honey can't be that bad...
As for packaging, this is cute! She is cute, I like the patterned lacy outlines, the little crown, the colours.  Yeah, its a cute tin. My only complaint is its a bit tough to open!

Verdict: Very cute!

5. Youngwoosa Oh Its Lovely and Soft Cream 45g $47
Well it couldn't all be cute in a Cute Wishlist could it... even though it should! Okay so this is the only 'non cute' item in the box for me, but I can see why it could be thought of as cute. That little picture is kinda sweet, it has a little dog on the side, I can kinda see where Memebox were going. Does it hit the spot completely for me, no, and it will be traded, but my knickers remain untwisted. I has a tiny sniff of this and it didn't have a strong smell, but I did not test it as I will be trading.

Verdict: Not cute.

6. TonyMoly Red Cheeks Girl's Patch $2
Look at the pure horror on Little Red Riding Hoods face at her red cheeks! 
So these are patches are designed to target, moisturise and soothe red cheeks. I do have a pink undertone to my skin which does give me rosy cheeks but to be honest they are something I like and don't want to change.  Although I won't be using these I can see their cute appeal, I like the packaging and the little diagram of how her outlook on life has been changed! They are sweet and I have no issue with their inclusion in this box.

Verdict: Cute!

So I found 5 out of 6 of these products cute, which I don't think is bad going. I do understand people being miffed with more Hope Girl but it's not a bad product. I will personally only be keeping the cleansing foam and the lip scrub but not because I don't find the items cute, but because they are not something I will personally use or display. I do have Cute Wishlist 4 on order and I won't be cancelling as I have enjoyed this box. This box cost $23 + $7 shipping, but has a Memebox value of $101.

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Memeboxes galore

If you did not find this box cute, here are some pictures of my cats to tide you over.

Thats what I think of YOU, Kitty Chinchilla.


  1. Personally, I feel they could have done better with the cuteness factor. The Holika Holika lip balm in the cafe box is so cute. As is the TonyMoly Cappuccino scrub. Wish they would have included stuff from Peripera or etude house which really do have adorable packaging.
    I'm still waiting for my box though I'm not very excited about it now.

  2. Hahah I enjoy the cats! And ditcha know Ddung means Poop in Korean~ Thats quite a name for a cleanser. :P

  3. Veritazy: hahah well I guess the name in English is quite close!

    Dollie: I definitely understand why people are sad but I think this is just a different type of cute I guess. I have only kept 2 of the products for myself.

  4. Nice! Let's hope cute 4 is better & cuter too

  5. I hope so too, even though I did like these ones! There are so many amazingly cute products out there I am hopeful for 4, and no doubt 5 which will come out soon!

  6. Wow, your cats are on my cute wishlist! =)