Friday, 24 October 2014

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks - Matte Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Martha and Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Yeah I have a problem...

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks
So in my last Charlotte Tilbury haul I picked up two lipsticks, Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red and K.I.S.S.I.N.G Night Crimson. I was so impressed by both, they both had great pigmentation, looked beautiful and had great staying power. Red Carpet Red stuck around through a Thai curry! So I managed to get myself a little casual job at the gym I go to taking a fitness class on an evening to fit in with my current full time job, which now means I get my gym membership for free. So I guess I decided to spend 4 months gym subs on lipstick like a sensible girl.

So once again I got Fast and Fabulous delivery which came in a lovely maroon and rose gold keep sake box. Definitely recommend this as it will be a good place to store my lipstick in.
The packaging is either flat matte or shiny depending on the type of lipstick.

The attention to detail is really wonderful about these lipsticks and packaging, even the small things like the tiny star on the lip of the box when you open it.
The actual lipstick case itself is the same regardless of a matte or satin finish.

All in Rose Gold with the Charlotte Tilbury logo on the top
Okay so onto the colours I have. I think I got everyone that I want now, as nudes and pale colours are not my style so unless she brings out more I should be set...

The Matte Revolution range has a square tip which is great for applying without a lipbrush

The bullet of the So Marilyn is much longer than the others! Not complaining as its one of the prettiest reds I have.
Glastonberry, Love Liberty, Bond Girl, Walk of Shame, Red Carpet Red, Velvet Underground, Night Crimson, So Marilyn and Love Bite.

I am going to be doing one by one reviews and lip swatches of these as I get to them, hopefully over the next week, but for now here are arm swatches. All are two swipes except So Marilyn which was amazing with just one.

Left to right:

Matte Revolutions

Glastonberry: A stunning deep purple matte, described by CT as a rich blackcurrant hue.

Love Liberty: Absolutely wonderful matte raspberry shade., described by CT as a wide rose flush

Bond Girl: The swatch makes this look very similar to Walk of Shame but its more berry and less pink. Described by CT as chic natural berry. This is a great 'my lips but better' shade for me.

Walk of Shame: Being entirely unfamiliar with walks of shame I had to pick this up to investigate! :) This has a more pink tone than Bond Girl, described by CT a a rose tinted berry.

Red Carpet Red: A classic natural blue toned red, described by CT as classic ruby red.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G (CT doesnt give colour descriptions for these so my rubbish ones will have to do!)

Velvet Underground: A gorgeous fuschia with bright pigmentation. 

Night Crimson: A deep blackcurrant raspberry shade, more pink than Glastonberry.

So Marilyn: This is amazing, I can't believe I didn't get this one first time round. It is a gorgeous strong deep red, very dark without becoming too purple or blackened. Its just perfect. The bullet is also really tall compared to my others CT lipsticks.

Love Bite: A brighter red, comparable to Riri Woo without the matte finish.

Overall I am really over the moon with these lipsticks. There are some more, Stoned Rose, Lost Cherry and Amazing Grace, I may pick up as well as sone lip pencils which are highly recommended. I think I might just sign my salary over to Charlotte, save the middle man!


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