Monday, 27 October 2014

Memebox LuckyBox 10: Unboxing and Review

It feels like I haven't got a Memebox in ages! I think its because although I liked Cute wishlist 3, many of the products were not for me so I sold the box almost in its entirety so never felt like I had a new box to play with! Today I do!

Lucky Box
Lucky Boxes are a special type of box, which contains only the best products from past Memeboxes, so it is in effect a box of repeats. People who have lots of boxes before may not like Lucky Boxes, but they do give a good opportunity to get past products you have loved or products you may have missed!
So in this box you get 7 full size products. Okay the Blithe is a set of samples but theres a good amount in there so we shall forgive them that. Apologies today for the photos, the clocks went back for daylight savings time and now I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark pretty much!

A heavy full box is always a good sign!

Glad these are pretty legible, click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge
Those are the information cards, now lets have a look and see what you get in Lucky Box 10!

1. Dr MJ Bee Tox Control Cream 55ml $50
Although I have a tonne of moisturisers from Memebox, I am always pleased to get more as I know they will get used. This moisturiser contains bee venom, propolis and tea tree. I have ordered the Tea Tree Memebox also as I do suffer from acne once a month and its a pain, so hoping this may help with reducing the redness and scarring during that event! Bee Venom gets a tonne of rave reviews (and is included in another item in this box) so I am excited to try this. The box is also really cute, a hexagonal god coloured box which reminds me of a honeycomb, fitting for the bee theme! It is a medium thickness cream and absorbs well, with very little scent.

2. Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment 30g $14
This pretty lavender box contains an intensive hair conditioner that you apply to the damaged parts of your hair, brush through, and then rinse off after 5 minutes. It contains 70% apple water and 40 kinds of natural extract. This smells gorgeous, they're not kidding about the apple water as it smells of fresh apples. My hair is very long and I love to use intensive hair conditioners so I cannot wait to pile this on! The box graphics are translated as 'good' and 'safe' which are always nice to know!

The Skin House Aloe Water Mist 80ml $11
This is a wonderful refreshing facial mist with aloe vera, for dry and irritated skin. You can also use this as a toner. This is a great product and I do already have an aloe vera facial mist from my Moisture Surge Memebox so may not keep this as I don't need two.

4. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence 60ml $22
This was the spoiler, and the reason I decided to buy this box. I have heard great things about this essence for reducing the redness and healing time of acne scars. My skin has needed a bit of help recently so I am hoping this addition will help to soothe it. As the name suggest this contains snail extract and bee venom to help your skin heal. I cannot detect any scent from this at all. I don't have many essences from Memebox but I am rapidly going through my Original Raw essence from my Snow White box so will be using this also to help ease my redness on my skin.

5. E Choice Snow Brightening Body Cream 100g $4
This seems cheap for such a big bottle of cream but what do I know!? I love the snowy themed packaging and this product smells just like Natural Yoghurt, and feels like it too as its so thick. This claims it will target areas of discolouration on your body. I don't have any issues with pigmentation or age spots on my body but I do have some residual marks from insect bites on my legs over Summer, so I am going to use this to target those. Failing that though it's a lovely smelling body lotion!

6. Beauty People Miss 100 Auto Gel Pencil Liner 0.5g $38
This product was a choice of three, Glimmer Coral, Glimmer Bronze or Glam Brown (though I am sure someone said they got purple?) Anyway I got this in Glimmer Bronze and it looks beautiful. These are hugely popular eyeliners so I am sure lots of people will be really pleased to get this in their Lucky Box 10!

Last but not least:

7. Blithe Patting Water Rejuvenating Purple Berry, Soothing and Healing Green Tea and Energy Yellow and Citrus Honey
This says these were randomly selected but I think most pics I have seen came with 2 each of the 3 options. I assume these are one use per sachet, the usage descriptions are a little odd as they are clearly referring to the full size bottle, advising you to use a capful on a 1/4 basin of water.  I have heard amazing things about this patting water and many see it as their holy grail You use this instead of a mask, patting it onto your skin and allowing it to soak in without rinsing it off. I will definitely be giving these a go to see if I want to purchase a full size bottle from the Memeshop!

Overall a box full of items I will use! I am really glad I picked this up as I was initially a little wary of the unthemed Globals and LuckyBoxes, but I am glad the Benton spoiler came up and pushed me into buying it!

The Memebox value of this box is $154 *using an arbitrary $15 for the Blithe samples* but even without a Blithe value it is $139. This box was $23 +$6.99 shipping so I am very pleased with the value of this box!
There are still Luckyboxes available if you like the idea of them, 11 is available singularly, and 12-14 just came out as a bundle! The link in the picture will take you to the Memebox shop where there are lots of things to tempt you... such as the Garden of Eden box that tempted me earlier today! You can still use L40M or 810QNN to get $5 off any order until the end of October!

Temptation indeed!
This box was bought with my own money and I am not compensated for my reviews. This post may contain affiliate links.
Happy shopping!



  1. The Bee Tox cream and the hair treatment seem really good and of course the Bee Essence. I've never bought Lucky boxes or even the Global ones. Perhaps I should get the next Lucky box that comes out.

    1. I have only got one Global so far (15) and wasnt crazy impressed with it, but I do have 17-19 on order... tempted by the lucky box bundle too!