Sunday, 19 October 2014

Haul: Christmas Lush!

Christmas Lush is the best Lush I always find! I love sweet smells and the Christmas collection always smells like marzipan, sweets and all sorts of delicious things. I always stock up before Christmas and in the post Christmas sales and I tend to be set for most things until the next Christmas!
I tend to pick up any gifts I like the boxes of, shower gel and soaps after Christmas when they are half price, a little cheeky I know!
Part 1

Okay so first part is mostly bath things I picked up. Only one of these is new for this year, that being the 'Snow Angel' which is a bath melt. I love bath melts when I am feeling particularly lazy as they remove the need for a body lotion. However this has a tonne of glitter on the underside so that should be an interesting experience! It smells like Snowcake soap, a delicious marzipan smell, so I am super happy with that!

The two larger white bath bombs are the So White bath bomb which have been out for at least 3/4 years now. They started with a smaller size but got upgrade last year (or maybe the year before) to a larger bath bomb. I love how it is a mix of bomb and bubble bar so you get a lovely foam. This year it smells very heavily of apple. It is nice, I really like it, but I don't remember it being so apple-y in previous years. I may be wrong though. They also have a So White shower gel which also has the heavy apple scent, which I may pick up after Christmas if there is some left!

The two larger green bombs are Lord of Misrule. This has a pink centre and I love the combination in the bath when it fizzes, and it smells delicious. This doesn't seem to count as a Christmas product though, I know last year it never went on sale and they said it was permanent, and then it never came back. I believe it must be for some other festival, maybe just a general winter item, but it didn't count as Christmas last year at least. Definitely pick some up if you like them as they went so far last year and I would have picked up a tonne more!

The little bear is this years version of Butterball, a wonderfully moisturising bath bomb which is much overlooked as it doesn't look as fancy as some of Lush's other offerings! Another permanent product reshaped is the Candy Mountain bubble bar. This used to be the candy cane, but it has the same smell as the Creamy Candy bubble bar, but I love how cute it look like this, and it has a slight shimmer if you are wanting that for a night out! The penguin is also a rerelease (though not permanent) and I just love his little squished face. He is quite a revitalising citrussy little guy who wakes you up if you need that during the Winter months.

Although I love most Christmas scents I am not a big fan of cinnamon. Thats why I avoided the new Holly GoLightly bubble bar and the Melting Snowman even though they were both so pretty to look at!
Part 2
I am also VERY pleased with the soap selection this year. I usually pick up a massive chunk of Snowcake and usually some Angel's Delight. However lots of fans were sad to see that Angel's Delight isn't being released this year. I was quite surprised as this has been a staple of the Lush Christmas selection for a long time, but I absolutely love the two new soaps I picked up, Yog Nog has a gorgeous creamy yoghurty sweet smell, I had to have it, and Reindeer Rock I would say is the closest replacement to Angel's.  It is a very sweet, fruity, berry smelling soap. It's not as jelly baby smelling as Angel's Delight, but it is gorgeous. Will stock up on these three after Christmas also!

I also grabbed a Cinders popping candy mini bath bomb, another regular in the Lush Christmas selection, and 2 new Bubble Bars, the Christmas Hedgehog. I am sure this will have absolutely amazing creamy bubbles as the hedgehogs spikes are SO soft and crumbly, I had to handle them all with extreme care to avoid squashing them completely! Not sure how American Cream got mixed up in this, as thats a permanent product not a Christmas one, but its lovely!

Part 3
Okay so I cheated and included some Halloween things as they were also new in my Lush. The Wizard is basically a little purple version of the Christmas Penguin. He smells really lovely, as with a lot of smells I cannot always put my finger on what they smell of exactly, except that they smell nice! 

The sparkly pumpkin is one of those baths thats gonna be very fun to have, but not so fun to clean up after! It smells warm and inviting and will be perfect for those cold evenings, perhaps when avoiding trick or treaters!

And last but not least its one of the two firework themed bath bombs (so I guess technically for Bonfire Night, not Halloween?) The other one didn't really appeal to me as it smelt quite citrussy, but this one smells of lavender and the name, Northern Lights, promises a beautiful display in the bath! As you can just about see it is full of sparkly stars too. As you can slo see its broken! As they are quite long they are also fragile, but I would have snapped it in two to get two uses out of it anyway so I am not upset about it!

So this is the first Christmas Lush Haul and I am hoping Boxing Day will bring another much bigger and much cheaper one!

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