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Memebox Special 39 Cafe Box: Unboxing and Review

So over the weekend my postman brought me the Cafe box and I am absolutely in love with it. Usually I am happy with my Memeboxes with 1/2 items that maybe I would not have personally chosen but are useable, but with this one I love everything in it!

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A few people were a little disappointed that this was not more coffee based, and I understand their concerns. The picture does seem very heavily coffee based with the beans, and the description did mention caffeine and 'waking up' items. However, as a 'cafe' box, with sweets, treats, drinks and desserts I personally find the curation of this box absolutely spot on, whilst understanding the disappointment about the coffee. Hopefully Memebox will come out with a 'Coffee' box to solve this!
The smell of chocolate hit me as I opened this box, just as it did with the Cacao box. Always a good sign!

Onto the cards, sorry ones a bit blurry!

Camera skills: I have them

Everything is really wonderful! All products are full sized too.

1. Vella Fresh Creamy Soap 100ml $13
Not only does this gorgeous pastel tub look like a tub of ice cream, but it looks and feels like ice cream too! It has a wonderful thick creamy texture which helps to keep the skins pH the same whilst cleansing and also moisturise the skin. This is going to be an amazing cleanser for winter. It contains donkey milk, 3 kids of honey complex, and 4 floral extracts. You lather this up together in your hands and then rub the bubbles onto your face.

2. TonyMoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub 95g $13
As I cancelled my TonyMoly Memebox I was pleased to get this item. The packaging is adorable, a thick frosted plastic coffee cup that could almost be mistaken for glass, and a 'built in spatula' for hygienic application which looks like a spoon! Very very cute! It smells more like chocolate to me than coffee, but thats certainly not a complaint! 

It is a massaging scrub for the face that changes from brown to white when you have massaged your face enough, always a nice idea. It is recommended to use 2 times a week only, I don't tend to exfoliate my face any more than that anyway as I use a Clarisonic which has some exfoliating properties when used anyway. Another hit from this box, 2/2!

3. Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm 7g $6

Inside of lip balm
This was a random choice item, from Red Cupcake, Peach Cupcake and Plum Pink Cupcake. I think I got Plum Pink Cupcake as the numbers match up on the back. The packaging is so cute, it smells delicious and I am always happy to take lip balms! This has a tiny so not suitable for my usual lip balm application of 'rub it all over my lips paying very little attention to where my lips actually are' which you can get away with mostly with clear ones... However for use at home this tastes lovely and the colour is very pretty on! Although the packaging was pretty the hinge is quite flimsy so I would worry about the lid snapping off, so one to be treated gently at home I think!

4. Cleo-Mee Anti Wrinkly Body Lotion 250ml $83
Yup, you read that right! This body lotion apparently retails for $83! I can't find it for sale anywhere else (with my fairly inadequate googling) so who am I to argue! Having just finished my Hello Everybody Goat Milk body lotion from my Milk box I am happy to graduate to Donkey Milk. Its a very big bottle, it smells lovely and absorbs quickly. Another hit item for me personally! If its good enough for Cleopatra, I guess its good enough for me!

5. Pure Smile Original Sheet Mask  $1
I have received a few of these in my Memeboxes since I started getting them. They are perfectly lovely masks but not something that excites me when I see them, but at the same time they don't make me disappointed either. There was a possibility of green tea and herb and this one is green tea.

6. Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap 70g $3
Okay so this isn't the most attractively packaged item ever, and the photo does not do it justice. However in real life it does just look like a chocolate ice cream scoop, and smells like it too!  This is the item that caused my whole box to smell like chocolate. I do prefer soaps to shower gels and have a good Lush stash of soap too but this will definitely get used as it smells amazing. It is all natural and home made also!

So here is everything together.

If this box restocks I seriously will buy another box or two. I would love to get the other two lip balms and I genuinely just adore this selection of items. The memebox value is given at $119, mostly made up from that Donkey Milk body lotion. This box retailed for $23 + $7 shipping, but I used a discount code and also used an affiliate link to get this cheaper which always helps! As a cafe box this theme worked well, there was coffee, chocolate ice cream, milk, cupcakes, green tea, all things you would find in a cafe. I do hope they do a 'coffee only' box too!

I hope you found this review useful! This box is sold out and currently there is not a similar box that I can see, but there are plenty of others to chose from. Click the picture below to go to the Memebox website and access affiliate discounts, and for October the $5 discount codes are L40M and 810QNN.

Discount codes above!
Thanks for reading!

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