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Memebox Princess Edition 1 Snow White: Unboxing and Review

I was quite new to Memebox when I saw these Princess boxes and knew I had to get them. As a pale girl, with waist length hair that needs help and a love of sleep how could I pass up Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty themed boxes. The descriptions lent themselves to boxes of brightening skincare, hair care and night time treatments and these boxes have not disappointed!

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So first up, Snow White!
First of all I must say I so wish they had printed the box with the image above as it would have been adorable! They have done such cute box designs for the collaboration boxes I was really hoping they would!

A few people also speculated there may be make up in these boxes but I am happy to report they are skincare only! Whilst many are big fans of Korean make up, as I am sure you can see by previous posts I like my European make up, and I have enough already... At least skin care will get used up!

The full contents: 6 full size products
Okay as always we have the card pictures first in case you would like additional information on ingredients and useage instructions.

Hope these are legible, if not click to enlarge!

Are you scared of the bunny face yet?
Okay so nothing overtly Princess-y. Whilst this box did not mention anything like that other than its name, I think one or two cute Princess style items would not have gone amiss. However, I would have bought a whitening skincare box so I would have bought this either way. Note these products are about brightening and improving the skins tones rather than actually bleaching the skin!

Okay onto the products, as mentioned above 6 full size products.

1. Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener 120ml $29
Okay so this packaging is kinda cute, pink and white and holographic, with a magic lamp and magical fairy. How fancy! So this is a 'magically whitening body lotion' to brighten up a dull skin tone. You massage this into areas you want to even out. I am actually kinda pleased with this as if I manage to tan (which is very rare) it sticks around for ever. I'm also so pale that my 'tan' looks like dirt. It's very attractive but I am hoping this fixes my mucky 'tan' lines!
It is a white lotion with pale pink specks and looks and smells like yoghurt to me! It's quite a small bottle as far as body lotion is confused so I think I will use this as a 'spot' treatment on dull areas.

2. original raw First Essence 110ml $26
This is really cute and a lot of people are really pleased to get this! There was a choice of two, the red which is called 'Red Essence' and the orange which is 'Vitamin Essence' As you can see I got the red which I am happy about. I have no essences so I was pleased to add one to my regimen! It is housed in a pretty unique looking thin plastic bottle, almost reminds me of a water pouch for some reason. This came well bubble wrapped by Memebox. It contains dragon extracts (eat your heart out Game of Thrones) and helps to rejuvenate damaged skin.
The smell is appealing and the packaging is very convenient, with a small dropper type opening which allows a small deposit of the essence which is of a thin gel consistency. Really pleased with this also!

3. FACEFLUX Anti Wrinkle Revitalising Cream 30g $38
They say its never too early to start anti ageing products so this is a welcome addition as I have very few of them! Its actually a pretty big tube and at first I assumed it was an eye cream due to the shape so I was happy to find out it is an all over cream. It has a wonderful texture leaving your skin feeling very soft, and smells almost oaty!  Again this is to brighten your skin which is the theme of this box, so the curation is on point.

4. Daltokki Whitening Essence 100ml $35
Lets just take a moment to come out from behind the sofa and address the terrifying FACE. What on earth is that?

Ok so, lets try and talk about the product and not the fear factor. As I said above until today I had no essences and now I have two! This appears to be more of a daytime product than a night time essence as you are supposed to mix this with either a BB cream, a sunblock or moisturiser to get the whitening effect. I assume it has some light reflecting properties in order to achieve this. I have tested this on my hand I have to hand it to it it really does give a naturally whitened, luminous, bright affect to the skin. My favourite product from the box!

5. Ipsennature 5 Seeds Apple Water Brightening Scrub 80ml $26
So I was expecting this to smell a lot more apple-y than it does. Smells like Vicks to me, however the list of ingredients sounds delicious, apple, apricot, raspberry, walnut, rice and corn seed powders. The texture looks soft whilst also being exfoliating. I wish those lovely ingredients smell had been more apparent but I do look forward to exfoliating with this as it looks gentle.

6. MorningTree Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot 20ml $34
Now this seems really fun! Its a tube with three small metal rollerballs at the end and when you squeeze it the gel cream comes out and you massage it in with the roller balls! Certainly not seen anything like this before. It is for treating areas of excess melanin such as dark spots you may have on your face or body. You can also put it in the fridge it says and use it as a refreshing balm for puffy eyes.

Overall I am very pleased with this box, it is the one that appealed the most to me out of the set and I am happy with everything in it. They all live up to the theme and all will be used by me. I bought this set in a bundle, but individually it was $29 + $7 shipping. The Memebox value of all the products combined is: $188. I am pleased all the items are full size multiple use products also, there do not seem to be any filler items which is always nice!

I can't think of any similar boxes available at the moment (unlike the next two I will be reviewing shortly) but here is a link to the the Memebox store. Any orders over $100 and $150 will get an automatic discount using this link, and you can also use codes L40M or 810QNN to get another $5 off. Memeboxes do restock so maybe this box will come back if you really love it! They have also created three more Princess boxes recently, Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Ariel, which I will link below if you are interested!

Click to go the the Memebox shop!
Thanks for reading!

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