Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lip Stash: Review and Swatches!

I am a big fan of the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks as the formula is very creamy and pigmented. I don't have very many as I feel I have the colours covered in other brands, but when I saw this Full Frontal lipstick stash I had to grab it from Debenhams. I did preorder it but there were a lot on the shelves when I went in to pick it up so I don't think a pre order was necessary.

Outer box and inner packaging are the same design.
This stash comes in a cardboard palette box. I am usually not a big fan of cardboard palette packaging as it gets dented and scuffed easily so starts to look scruffy. However as this is a lipstick set rather than a palette I am happy with it. Its also fairly thick and sturdy and has a coating on it that should make it resistant to damage.
Actual box itself
Here is the inner box, as I said its exactly the same as the box. 

Ahhhh shiny lipstick!
Please excuse my thumb holding it open as it wouldn't do so itself! You get six mini Revolution lipsticks, three are exclusive to this palette, one is an older limited edition colour and two are permanent shades. You also get an Ozone lip liner, which is transparent. I don't have any clear liners so I was happy to get that too!

The lipsticks themselves are in a bullet similar to the full size revolution lipsticks but without the ripple affect of the larger size. They are quite lightweight and feel a little flimsy but they are minis. They have a purple UD logo on the top and the colour on the bottom.

Out of the box

Ladyflower, Gash, Crush, Liar, F-Bomb, Illicit
Ladyflower, Crush and Illicit are exclusive. Gash is an older limited edition which is not available anymore and Liar and F-Bomb are still available full size.

In the bullet Ladyflower and Illicit look  very similar but they don't swatch similarly at all!

Ladyflower, Gash, Crush, Liar, F-Bomb, Illicit
All had the wonderful creamy consistency of the normal Revolution lipsticks, and the fact they have a more traditional shaped bullet means they apply much more precisely than the circular bullets of the larger size. Illicit was quite sheer and needed building up (I caught F-Bomb in the top left, hence the tiny darker bit, woops!)

Overall I am really pleased with the selection of colours. Not sure how much use I will get fro Liar and Illicit but the other four deeper colours more than make up for that.

I got mine from Debenhams for £29 alongside a Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Blush Palette as there was an offered on for £7.50 of points on a £50 spend, AND a £5 gift card so overall I got £12.50 back. I believe these offers are still running! Will be doing a post on the blush palette after work!

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