Sunday, 12 October 2014

Memebox Superbox 56 Yogurt Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review

Against my better judgement I have used the Memebox spelling of yogurt for the title, but will refer to it as yoghurt from now on as my British brain may explode if I don't!

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This is a superbox which guarantees all full size products, but it was a lower priced superbox of $23 whereas usually they are closer to $29. This is probably why although the products are all full sized 3 are 'one use only' products. At the time of purchasing I was really yearning for the milk box (which I later got in a restock) so was hoping this would be as good as that!

I wasn't disappointed, and so far no food box I have seen has disappointed me! Definitely a theme I am going to keep up with.

So here are the cards:

All the information you need for your box!

So first up we have
1. Pure Smile Yoghurt Mask Mixed Fruits x2 $5
So this is the first of the one use products I mentioned above (well I guess technically two uses...) These are mixed fruit and yoghurt sheet masks, I have lots of sheet masks (and also will be reviewing My Mask Box 5 soon!) but I am always happy to have more as I use them every time I have a bath and they're very good for your skin. As you can see on the packet these have banana, kiwi and pineapple extracts in them so I am hoping they smell lovely.

2. Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleansing Foam 120ml $6
This was one of four products you could have received, from Gentle, Moist, Silky and Firm. These words do not appear in English anywhere on the bottle! I assumed from the picture matching up to the word order this would be Firm, however the only English words on the package say 'Grain Essence, Rice, Macadamia oil' and the only version on the description card which mentioned grain is the 'Gentle' type, so I am assuming this is the Gentle. It smells lovely and as I am sure I have mentioned before I love foaming cleansers as I much prefer them to cream cleansers with my Clarisonic. It doesn't have a particularly grainy or yoghurty smell to my nose, just a nice fresh scent.

3. ettang Modelling Take-Out Cup Pack Yoghurt 17g $3
Probably the most rubbish packaging I have received in a Memebox, reminds me of a little deli cup. It does smell lovely though! This is another one use item, you mix in enough water to fill half the cup, leave it on your face for 20 minutes and then its supposed to peel off  to soothe and firm up your skin.

4. PureDerm Skin Softening Yoghurt Mask Strawberry 150ml $12
This is the first product that smells like yoghurt. Delicious strawberry yoghurt, I adore it. Its supposed to deliver deep hydration and nutrition to the skin. You put it on like any other mask, after toner, and then rinse it off. Really looking forward to using this as the smell is divine. It really does smell like real strawberry yoghurt, not super sweet sickly synthetic strawberries.

5. Rappol Calming Cream 150g $59
Clearly the big ticket item in the box at $59. This has an intriguing description of being originally designed for babies, and is supposed to be very calming for the skin. It really smells like sudocreme to me, and whilst that isn't my favourite smell I do not mind it. If it has half the healing properties of sudocreme (without the white barrier on the face!) I will be very happy! I'm not entirely sure how this fits into a yoghurt box though.

6. Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm Strawberry Smoothie $11
The description of this is amazing, 'this is to be used before a kiss time with your lover.' Amazing! The idea of this is ladies put on the lip version, and their boyfriends put on the moustache side (according to the card, those in same sex relationships and those without moustaches I believe may also use it :P) They both smell gorgeous, one of strawberry and one of vanilla, and then WHEN YOU KISS they magically transform into strawberry yoghurt. How exciting.

Seriously though both these lip balms smell and taste amazing. I love lip balms and I love stick ones where I don't have to put my fingers into them to apply as they're just more convenient when out and about. 'My lover' will be very lucky to get his hands on one of those as they smell so lovely, but he does have a moustache (well a beard but let's not tell Memebox) so maybe the rules of the card dictate he has to have that one...

Superbox 56 Yogurt Cosmetics

So overall again I am pleased with my latest Memebox, no surprises with it being food related! This box cost $23 + $7 shipping and has a Memebox value of $96. A lower value box but I am more than happy with it.

This box is currently sold out but restocks do happen (my next review is a box I picked up in a restock) I cannot think of a box that is currently similar but hopefully there will be some you like on the Memebox shop! Click below to go to the store and access affiliate discounts, and use codes L40M or 810QNN to get $5 off any order.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Or if you're single you can rub some of the vanilla one on your hand and smooch that ... *sigh* hehe

  2. Hahaha Charlotte you should patent your ideas instead of giving them out for free, money spinner!

  3. Love the review, I just got this box in a restock today and can't wait!

    1. You'll really love it, the lip balms are wonderful! I love the big baby cream and use that on sore areas of my body as it would take years to go through it on my face! Its a really fab box, food boxes are yet to let me down!