Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Blush Palette: Review and Swatches

When I first saw this gift set I fell in love with the idea, a fabulous selection of Benefit's blushes altogether. However, I decided against buying it as for some reason I assumed it was a cardboard palette! (Perhaps due to the cardboard box it came in? Who knows!?) I don't like cardboard palettes as they are not durable and look scruffy very quickly in my collection! As soon as I realised this was a tin I had to get it!

The attention to detail on the tin is wonderful!
As a lover of blush, and cute packaging I simply had to get this. The attention to detail on the tin is stunning. Barrels and jars of sweets adorn the front, and even the sides of the box have lovely detailing such as a cake on a cake stand and a tiny squirrel!

Even the back, which holds all of the information about the palette, doesn't escape the beautiful attention to detail.

All the pertinent details about the blushes.
As you may be able to read you get 5g of Hoola, Coralista, Bella Bamba, and Rockateur, 4g of Dandelion and 6g of Sugarbomb. Not sure why the weights are different on those. If anything I would have expected Rockateur to be lower than the others due to the price differences on the full size. Most of these blushes are smaller than their individual counterparts but Rockateus is the same size. Considering Rockateur retails for £23.50 alone individually this palette is a bargain at £29!
Blush heaven!
As you can see the sweet detailing carries on inside the tin palette, with a cupcake, ice cream and lollipop pattern all over the inside. The palette is so pretty, I absolutely adore it. You also get a brush which is a great dupe for the pricey Nars Ita brush, and a small size of Watts Up highlighter.

I only had one of these blushes before I got this palette. I did have Sugarbomb also but traded it as the orange section doesn't work so well with my pink undertone skin, but I will work with it once more in this palette! I had Dandelion individually and the colours seem very similar across the products. I do not have Bella Bamba and Coralista to compare but other bloggers have noted differences between the individual shades and the palette shade. Something to consider especially if you are looking to buy a replacement for the now discontinued Bella Bamba. That being said I love each and every blush shade in this palette.
Swatches on NW10: Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Rockateur, Coralista, Hoola bronzer
Dandelion is such a all rounder you can use it any day of the week with any look. Bella Bamba and Coralista have a gorgeous sheen to them, and would be great with more full face and night time looks. I was surprised by how much I liked Coralista as usually coral tones look orange on me!. Rockateur is rose shade which I love and will be great for Autumn. I am not a huge user of bronzer but Hoola is very subtle (the above is heavily swatched) so I am sure I will be able to find a use for it!

Overall I am in love with this blush palette, not only for the beautiful colours and range of blush shades it offers, but for the packaging. Without this amazing tin I may have ignored this set, as I know already I have more than enough blushes (especially with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette on the way...) but I couldn't resist how cute it was! For those who already have a few of the blushes included it may not be worth it to you, but with me only having one shade it definitely is to me! The cardboard packaging of the Benefit box blushes has always been a bit of a bug bear to me as they dent and crease so easily, and although they are so pretty, they always ended up looking slightly mangled. This tin won't, and although it may look out of place outside of Christmas, I really don't care and will display it year round!

This set is sold out on quite a few sites but I found plenty in my local Debenhams who currently have a £7.50 if points on a £50 spend offer AND a £5 gift card on a £50 spend and these offers double up, so overall with my Urban Decay Lip Stash purchase I got £12.50 back in Debenhams credit. I am sure I'll find something to spend those on!

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