Sunday, 23 November 2014

Cocktail Cosmetics Haul: Lime Crime Velvetines, Lipstick and SugarPill Sparkle Baby

So a week ago I threw my morals into the wind and ordered some Lime Crime Velvetines. I have read all of the controversy over the company and their claims (lots of great information here, I am not well versed but these girls are) and I have originally avoided them. However as a lover of a matte lip, the pictures of the Velvetines kept drawing me in, so I finally caved. I hate myself. I ordered from Cocktail Cosmetics which is one of the three main Lime Crime distributors in the UK.

The SugarPill balances out the moral depravity of this picture
Sigh. I won't lie I absolutely adore the Velvetines, and I just bought four more and I am eagerly awaiting the new purple Pansy and grey Cashmere.  I'm just pretending that they're made by someone else.

Lime Crime I feel treads the board between mid end cosmetics and an Indie brand. I think they started Indie but due to their popularity are becoming more mainstream, Sephora sold them for around 48 hours and then they disappeared without a trace. No clue what happened there!  SugarPill is definitely a brand that is getting more mainstream and seeing this gorgeously twee palette I had to grab it to bump me up to free shipping; any excuse to buy more make up!

The Velvetines were the main reason I bought but I was also interested in some of the more daring shades of lipstick. Again these have had pretty good reviews, better than the NYX Macarons, which are also hard to get in the UK, so I wanted to try the mint green as I had been lusting over NYX Pistachio for a while.

I like pink. I like unicorns. But I'm not the biggest fan of this packaging! Its a bit tacky, bulky and not tapered at the top which makes it feel a bit clumsy.

 The colour is super fabulous though. It applies true to colour and whilst its not long lasting, I wouldn't expect a colour like this to be. I am not one to expect massive long wear from my lipsticks, I always reapply throughout the day or night. Opacity is my only requirement and this delivers on that! Swatch is further down with the Velvetine swatches. It also smells like Vanilla, a huge hit of Vanilla, and to be honest I never noticed the Vanilla scent people talk about with MAC. This is vanilla, creme brulee, icing, cake, the lot. It smells gorgeous.

So onto the Velvetines. My new loves. (they also smell like a fairy cake)

Red Velvet - Top
Suedeberry - Bottom
These are marketed as super matte, smudge proof and long lasting. Check, check and check. They tick every box, they dry down super matte, the do not transfer or smudge and they last all day, through food, brushing your teeth, drinking, everything. Red Velvet is a stunning vintage movie star red, where as Suedeberry is a more orange toned red.  They are liquid at first of course, so will smudge until you let them dry (see my smudged swatch!) I also used a lip brush to get a more defined line. You don't need to as the applicator is fairly precise, but I felt better for using the brush.

Mint To Be, Suedeberry, Red Velvet
Sorry for the crappy swatches. I smudged Red Velvet  whilst it was wet. As I said above I have ordered four more Velvetines, Wicked, Salem, Utopia and Pink Velvet and I will get much better swatches then.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet
I admit it, I love them, and will be buying more. I know the colours are dupable but the finish isn't. After they dry they no longer feel like you have anything on your lips. They are super comfortable and wearable. I am sold.

So lets end this post with a less controversial brand, SugarPill! I have heard nothing but great things about their eye shadows, and to be honest they price their shadows higher than your typical indie brands.

Please enjoy my phone case in the mirror
This palette is £24.95 for four pastel shades. They are a decent size though, and the palette is absolutely gorgeous. ink and turquoise, with strings of pearls all over and a gorgeous kitten with Heterochromia on the front!

Finally another cute Kitty in my life
Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush and Hotsy Totsy
I thought I had a typo on my palette and it should have been Frosting, but Frostine is indeed the name!

The pigmentation of these shadows is brilliant, these swatches are without a primer.

Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush, Hotsy Totsy

  • Kitten Parade is a peachy pink with sheen, with a bronzey undertone to it.
  • Frostine is a lilac which almost looks matte but has a very subtle sheen.
  • CandyCrush is a lovely shimmery turquoise.
  • Hotsy Totsy may not be the most wearable, but its my favourite. A matte fuschia shadow with white and pink 'fairy sparkles.'

So I am really happy with my first order from Cocktail Cosmetics. They're really good at keeping you up to date with stock too. I ordered two of the 'Clueless Witch'  Velvetines which recently came back in stock but it looks like they're out again. I ordered on the Friday, they posted Monday and I received Tuesday. Pretty fast! I made another order this Friday so I am hoping Tuesday brings more lovely Velvetines to my door!

I feel sorry for my moral compass, but very happy for my lips!

Martha x

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