Sunday, 2 November 2014

Shoes: Dr Marten Collection!

One of my big weaknesses is shoes. I think its because unlike clothes which can look unflattering, or strange, or emphasis the lumps and bumps you may not want, shoes always look amazing. Unluckily for me, but luckily for my bank account, I cannot walk in heels so my shoe options are limited somewhat!

I am going to do a few posts on 'Can't wear heels? Look at all the wonderful shoes you CAN wear' and I thought I would start with my Dr Martens, purely as I just got a beautiful pair in the post this week!

Crazy beautiful!

So Dr Martens tend to be black. Okay thats a sweeping over generalisation but the vast majority are black. I really don't suit black so I try to stay away as much as possible, the darkest I go would be a charcoal grey, so when I saw these amazing bright yellow chunky Dr Marten Mary Janes I had to have them (with a small amount of encouragement from my Facebook friends!)
(on the subject of black though I am trying to find a pair of the Black chunky heeled Sophias... I can find a way to make those work!)

These are not currently available sadly. They are much chunkier than the pastel Mary Janes that came out more recently.

Here they are next to my pastel lilac Mary Janes so you can see the differences.

The yellow have a patent affect whereas the lilac are a matte mottled fabric. The toe is wider on the yellow and the sides come up a lot higher.

Again these pastel ones are no longer available but eBay is great for finding old sold out items!

These next ones are the only ones I actually bought new. I figured I had to have a pair of DM boots. I think it's the law or something... but again I had to have girly ones to go with my Cath Kidston tea dresses, as chunky as the boots were they had to be pretty too! Therefore I was very excited when I spotted these wonderful things in Schuh!

Matte pastel pink with white ribbon laces! DM's that were made for me. They are so pretty and also so comfortable. They also came in a pastel blue. They were a Schuh exclusive but I am not sure if they are still available to buy.

Anyway, thats my three pairs. I do love a good trawl of eBay for old shoes and clothes as you get some bargains on there, especially as I always find out about clothes/shoes I love after they have already sold out...

Next up will probably be my quite ridiculous brogue collection...

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