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Memebox Special 77 My Lovely Boutique: Unboxing and Review!

It is time to unbox My Cute Wishlist 5. No wait, sorry, its My Lovely Boutique. My mistake.

Memebox Global Shop
This box promised 'exquisite packaging' and 'extreme cute overload' I am not quite sure what planet Memebox were on when this was curated.

The name conjurs up wonderful memories of one of my favourite TV programmes:

Will this box be Eurovision worthy? Lets find out!

Did Memebox release a Shara Shara box without telling us?

I will be referring to the Memebox description of 'exquisite packaging' throughout to see if any of these products match up to that description.

1. Shara Shara Acerola Moist Oil Balm 30ml $17
I remember from my extensive (not really) research into the Ettang masks that Acerola is a type of fancy schmancy Brazilian Cherry. It smells delicious. I love the idea of using it on dry patches of skin as instructed by the card. Its a lovely product. Is the packaging exquisite? No. Its pretty, but its not exquisite. 

2. Shara Shara Only You Necklace LipBalm Juicy Peach $34
Okay so this "bling bling" necklace contains a peach lip balm.

I will not be wearing this. It is not my style. I do not think it is exquisite.

Lip balm and tiny mirror
Verdict: not exquisite! But I cannot wait for Kitty to rock her bling bling. 

3. Shara Shara Natural Shining BB SPF 36 PA++ 40g $16
Fun fact, I thought the girl was a giraffe when I first saw this in spoilers. I'm not sure what that says more about, the packaging or me. This is the third product in the box and the third Shara Shara. It is a pink BB tube. Its cute. Its not exquisite. The texture is not for me so I will not be using it. 

4. Etude House My Castle Hand Cream 30ml
Finally a break from Shara Shara! I actually grabbed one of these from Etude House in the last sale and was pleased to get a different colour, as I already have it in Sweet Cookie. This time I got Pink Wish.

This has a fruity scent compared the vanilla ish scent of the Cookie. I am glad to have two different ones and it is very cute. I would hesitate to call it exquisite, but I do love it!

5. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City 10ml
This is a CC Cream. Whether CC stands for Cinema City, Cing Cong or Colour Correcting I have no idea! This is supposed to be a brightening anti ageing CC cream. I think the dinosaur climbing the Empire State is cute, and thats about all I like about the product. Another thing I will be trading. And the packaging is not exquisite...

6. TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Pack 3g x 4 $6
Ahhhh I am sure we all remember the Great Exquisite Yoghurt Crisis of 1984. Except we don't. Because that didn't happen because yoghurt pots are not exquisite, and this is exactly what this looks like. I am sure these masks are lovely, you get three different types for different skin issues, but seriously, why put it in a box that is supposed to be all about fancy things for your dressing table? It looks like yoghurt pots...

Can't wait to display this...
To be honest its overall a disappointment. I will be trading the BB and the CC and giving the Necklace to Kitty as I hate her. The box only cost $23, and the 'value' is $110. I'm not really overly impressed. The balm is nice, and I think the hand cream is adorable. The masks will get used. It was worth my $23, but only just...

Memebox is still running its Black Friday/Cyber Monday events and they are bargains to be had. I personally have picked up some Cleomee Donkey Milk Masks, some more 7 Second Morning Sheets as those things are miracle workers, and a Benton Value Set containing sheet masks and Benton Snail Bee Serum. 

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