Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Memebox Special 47 My Dessert Box: Unboxing and Review!

The food themed Memebox train has arrived at another fabulous station. The description of this box totally pulled me in, promising dessert themed beauty trinkets to appeal to my inner nine year old. The best compliment I ever received was someone telling me I was dressed like a five year old going to a birthday party, so this was right up my street!

Ice cream, sweets and cake. Lets hope it delivers!
Let us delve into this box to see if I am delighted by all of the wonderful dessert based treats on offer!

Content of My Dessert Memebox

Firstly I apologise for the 'worse than usual' photos. I go to work in the dark and get home in the dark in the Winter!

So you get 6 full size products in this box, and I am really pleased with them! At first glance they do not look amazingly cute, dessert shaped nor dressing table worthy, but on a more in depth look they actually all fit the dessert bill pretty well.

1. Delskin Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule 100ml $30
This product was on sale in the Memeshop and was part of a review competition so I know quite a few people who received this item. Luckily for me all of them really enjoyed it so I was really pleased to see this pop up in my box. It smells exactly like fresh orange juice and consists of 90% concentrated fruit and veggie juice. The fruits listed are strawberry, lime, raspberry, lemon, mango, apricot, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, papaya, broccoli, cucumber and carrot. I guess you would consider this the fruit salad of the dessert box! This is an ampoule so you would use this after your toner and essence if you use it. It absorbs quickly and the smell is delicious. The packaging describes this as whitening (brightening) and anti ageing. 

2. Navillera Traditional Dessert Soap 60g $5
This product was a choice of nine, I got number 7! They all seems to be the same in terms of product as no specifics are given except the visuals. As you can see in the picture each of these products is handcrafted into the shape of different 'hwa gwa ja' which are Japanese sweet desserts. All of them look so pretty, they reminds me of the little cakes you get in Bettys! This smells very fruity again, very similar to the SkinJuice ampoule. I don't think you can argue that this doesn't fit the dessert box theme!

3. dearberry Single Scoop Blusher Chiffon Pink $11

After seeing the unboxings of this box I went ahead and picked up a Guerlain Bubble Blush as they look so similar I had to compare them! (Any excuse...) I will be doing a comparison of the two soon! This looks really sweet though. I love the box, the colour is wearable and it smells lovely too, not that that is particularly important for blush! It is supposed to resemble a scoop of ice cream and I can see that, its cute!
4. It's Skin Cookie & Hand Cream 80ml $9
Mmmmmm Cookie and Hand, my favourite ice cream flavour! This came in a choice of two scents and I was secretly hoping for mint. I got strawberry, which is lovely too, but I haven't had any minty products yet from Memebox. I shall go on the hunt for it. The packaging is very sweet on this, and inside it does look like cookies and strawberry cream.

The darker specks are not grainy but they do streak on the hands until rubbed in. The smell is really nice, but I have been told I have a high tolerance for sweet smells!I will definitely be keeping this, and using this, and will also try to get a mint version! I would buy it myself from the Memeshop but sadly it only ships to the US.

5. Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Cream 100g $46
This cream has a gel like pudding texture and was a special collaboration with a male Korean beauty blogger 'Petit Prince' The pictures on the packaging are all homages to the French novel Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery. It is an 'all in one' multi cream which contains toner, emulsion, ampoule and sleeping pack all in one. It smells pleasant, absorbs well and I love the gel like texture.

Not entirely sure what qualifies this in the dessert box (the 'pudding' texture is probably pushing it a bit!) but overall this is a nifty little product that I am pleased with!
6. Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick $12
This has been a popular little item since this box has been received. Its a pore control stick that helps with extra sebum and oil and brighten up your skin tone. It smells just like lemon sherbet and the packaging is very very sweet. I'm getting a very oily t zone at the moment so hopefully this will save me from it!

Do I recommend this box? Yes! So much so I would probably try grab it again in a restock, if only to hope for a mint hand cream. This box was $23 + $7 shipping but I used a $5 coupon to make it $24.99. You are welcome to use my blogger code of CH5QYM to get $5 off orders over $30. The Memebox value of these items is $113. I think the prices are all fairly realistic except perhaps the Petit Prince cream. I had a little look online but couldn't find further information on it with my rather poor googling.

This box is sadly sold out but if you are really wanting a super cute box click the link below to enter my Cute Wishlist Giveaway! 100% free and open internationally!

Win me!
Or if Cute Wishlist doesn't float your boat click the link below to check out what memebox currently has to offer. It is admittedly rather slim pickings at the moment after no box releases for over a week, but we have been promised some on Friday!

Thank you for reading!
Martha x


  1. eee that cookie cream looks like Oreo mcflurry~ <3 I like the look of that traditional cake tho :P

    1. Its really fab! I wish it wasn't US only as I'd buy a few tubs, especially to try that mint!

  2. Oh my! You got the cute little soap I'm hoping I'll get when my box arrives! So adorable.

    1. I hope you get the one you want! So many of them look so lovely on the little pictures!

  3. Lovely products. The soap especially is so cute! I didn't get this one coz i had already ordered MCW3. Regret regret.

    1. I hope it comes back, I havent spotted it in a restock yet!

  4. 'Cookie and Hand' made me snort in a very unladylike way .....

    1. If Ben and Jerry's bring it out I will be gunning for royalties!