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Memebox Superbox 71 My Cute Wishlist 4: Unboxing and Review!

This may well be the last edition of My Cute Wishlist Memebox! We usually get one at the end of the month and we did not get one in October, nor a K Style or OMG box. I do find it quite odd as they were a popular series of boxes, however I think their popularity may have waned with recent editions.

So the My Cute Wishlist series has declined in quality, and cuteness, since the first edition in most Memebox fans eyes. I can certainly see where they are coming from but I do not think they have been bad boxes. I did admittedly sell over half of MCW3, but I will be keeping most of this box! So lets see whats in the box and assess its cute factor. Will the final (possibly...) MCW be a stellar box?

I must say I am psychic as I predicted the Tony Moly Appletox would turn up in this box. Nothing at all to do with the rest of the CutiePieMarzia2 cast offs appearing in K Style 4, Dry Skin and Volume Up....

Apologies for the unintentional Instagram effect of bad lighting
All looks kinda cute to me, but there are a few repeats in here and I think that has led to a lot of initial disappointment with the box. Lets take a look at the cards.

I count four product repeats I know of. Please correct me if there are more!

1. Tony Moly Apple Red Tox Honey Cream 80ml $12
Okay so repeat number one. I am not surprised this turned up as the CutiePieMarzia chop shop continues. I doubt its the last we have seen of them either (Garden of Eden box anyone...). However, I've never had one of these and I really love it. The apple is very cute, the colour is pretty and I love the little stalk!

Its just a very cutely packaged product. I understand why people are annoyed as its a repeat but I like it and I don't already have one. It smells very sweetly of apples which is a scent I enjoy and is a lovely gloopy cream. This is a mask to be used after toner and left on the skin. I like that it has honey in for a soothing affect on skin that may be troubled.

2. Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick $5
This was a product with options and I am happy I got the pink one, seedless strawberry. Its a very cutely packaged tinted lip balm. I am happy to get this as I do not already have one, but it is a repeat from Cute Wishlist 1. It was a popular product though and you can always use more lip balm, and when its packaged in a sweet candy cane I shan't complain! It smells very nicely of strawberries, tastes slightly of them too and isn't too overpowering on the lips so you can put it on without a mirror and not worry too much about having pink all over your face.

3. Yadah Vita Whitening Aqua Gel 5ml + Puregreen Moisturising Cream 5ml $24
Okay I am guessing this is a full size product for the Borrowers? These are insanely small and contain maybe a teaspoon of product each. They are, as my mother would say 'neither nowt nor summat.' I appreciate how the card shows the products the opposite way to me when the girl clearly has the creepy dog on a lead and therefore their pic makes no sense. Oh Meme. I actually thought the 'dog' was an upside down pair of trousers with an interesting crotch region. These smell okay. Maybe they work well but they are one use as the amount of product is so tiny. Anyone who paid $24 for these is insane.

Meme describes them as the perfect pair for travelling. They mean they are so tiny they will take up zero space and weigh absolutely nothing in your luggage so ideal for not going over your weight limit. The ingredients sound pretty good to be honest, sea buckhorn berries, cactus extracts, bean oil, rosehip, royal jelly, but they're so daft and little it really wouldn't matter if they were made of moon dust and David Bowie's tears.

4. ddung Liquid Eyeliner 5ml $12
This is a black liquid liner. I am sure it is lovely. I don't see how its cute just because it has Betty Boop Jr on the front. I do not use liquid eyeliner so this will be going to a new home.

5. Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Steam Starter 30ml $6
Pink polka dot packaging with a piggy nose I can get behind. I don't actually suffer from blackheads but I appreciate anything to help clear impurities from my skin. It has aloe vera in too which I am just getting really into as a skin care ingredient. I dismissed it for a long time as I thought I had a bad reaction when I was younger, but then I realised that was to e45 cream, which also makes no sense. This is a product you massage onto the facial area with excessive blackheads or impurities for three minutes then rinse off.

6. Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk 3ml $1
This is a repeat of a product I received in my Milk box (on the subject of which, where is Milk 2, and Milk 3 and 4 Memebox. Because I want all of those!) Anyway this is a lip mask you place over your lips for 15-30 minutes when you are alone and don't need to talk or eat or drink for a while. It's pretty cumbersome and annoying to use, and you look pretty weird, but I do enjoy the results of softer lips. As this is a one use product it being a repeat doesn't really bother me as I like all types of masks, the more the merrier.

7. Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream 60g $5
This is the fourth repeat I know of in the box. I know people are finding they are accumulating a lot of hand creams from Memebox, and to have this as a repeat has annoyed a few people. I did not get Snail 2 which this was featured in so I don't mind getting it as its not a repeat to me, but I could see why people wouldn't want two! I really enjoy the Pure Smile snail range, the conditioner from Snail 1 is amazing. I use a lot of hand cream in Winter as I find work and the gym just destroy them, so this can be chucked in the Memebox hand cream stash quite happily. I do like the packaging too, its pretty cute!

8. Tonymoly Egg Pore Nose Pack 7 $4
I've never had a lot of luck with nose strips. As I mentioned I don't have blackheads so maybe I am using them in vain. I didn't like the Cacao ones as they just got stuck to my nose and I had to scrub them off. However, I love the description of this, as this claims after using these my nose will 'resemble the rounded smooth surface of an egg' An egg nose is my ultimate dream nose. I quite like the little egg on the packaging and it is kinda cute, but probably not a My Cute Wishlist type of cute, which to me suggest display worthy packaging, such as the Appletox and Candy Cane.

So overall I think there are six products I am happy with and will use. One thats totally fine but not for me, the eyeliner, and one that's a waste of space (I'm looking at your weird crotch trouser dog) This box was $23 + $7 shipping. The Memevalue of this box is $69. Taking away the ridiculous price of the FACE CREAM FOR ANTS (Blue Steels in Memebox's general direction) this is a $45 box. I am happy with it for the price I paid but I can definitely seeing this fairly low value box being the death knoll for the MCW series.

Memebox is currently planning the 'biggest sale of the year' which according to the email is on now but I don't see it. Click the banner below to go and see if you can find the sale!

 Hide and seek!
Hide and Seek!
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  1. LOL - when I saw that doggie, I also thought it was a bit pornographic for Memebox!! hahaha I didn't even know that they "went" together like that - the girl with the dog on the leash. I do love the aqua gel - I got 3 uses out of it and I hope it makes its way in another box in the full size.

    1. I'm sure its awesome but the size is crazy haha. Yeah took me ages to realise it was a dog, the lead actually gave me the clue. It definitely looked a but rude to me at first!

  2. I laughed when you called the doll Betty Boop Jr.!!

    1. I am definitely running out of original things to call the dolls!