Friday, 14 November 2014

Lipstick Queen: Let Them Eat Cake Lipstick Review

I had a bit of a moment of madness in SpaceNK last week. I went in to Harrogate to go to an Aga demonstration for my potential new stove, and it was late, so I spent far too much time there. So much time I ended up walking out with a lipstick that is quite far away from my usual preferences

However it was the fact it was so different from my current collection that I decided to get it!

The packaging is a rather fun fuzzy felt style flocked pink and darker pink metallic foil. Branded with Lipstick Queen and the name of the Lipstick 'Let Them Eat Cake' I believe all of the 'Silver Screen'  and 'Velvet Rope' lipsticks come in this style of packaging in different colours.

So the name of this was initially appealing. I love Marie Antoinette and her excesses, and although I know this quote is no doubt entirely inaccurate it appealed to me!

Plus I want to look like Raja...

I swatched a few of the Lipstick Queen lipsticks in store and mostly wasn't overly impressed compared to their price tags. Let The Eat Cake was the exception. A wonderfully rosey but entirely glittery lilac!

The packaging has some weight but isn't overly luxurious like you might expect. I do like it though, as well as the other style from Lipstick Queen.

It is quite a short package,  almost industrial in design. The lipstick swatches true to the colour in the bullet, and despite the complete glitter bomb nature of it, it is not gritty in texture at all.

Its a really fab pink based lilac, the glitter isn't gritty but there is texture to it, almost like a very soft sugar scrub. It goes on this colour on the lips as well. It doesn't give a 90's style frost, its more glittery and more subtle, if there could be such a thing,  than a strong frosted lipstick.

This is going to be fun for Christmas. Its crazily priced but it has some quirks in packaging, texture and colour that I appreciate so  I will forgive myself my moment of madness!

Coming up soon will be my first Limecrime and Tom Ford reviews, I tried to resist due to the dodgy reviews of Limecrimes business practises and owner, but those darn Velvetines drew me in...

Hope you enjoyed reading today!
Martha x

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