Saturday, 8 November 2014

Memeshop Product Review: Ettang Modelling Take Out Cup Pack

My reasons for buying this product from the Memeshop are two fold. Firstly I received a yoghurt pot of this mask in my Yoghurt Memebox and really enjoyed it. Secondly it was on a good sale price on the Memeshop and is currently on a free shipping promotion!

Just look at the artful arrangement
So after having a good experience with my first pot I thought I would try the full set.
Firstly I think the packaging is really fun, I never really understood why it was called a take out cup pack. Its just powder you mix into a mask. The packaging makes it a bit clearer!

Sadly there is no greasy food in this, just stuff to make your face better after that!

It's just really cute. Of all the ways they could have presented these fairly boring plastic cups this is a pretty fun take on it. They are called 'modelling' masks as apparently they will give you the face of a model. That or the consistency is like goop you have to model into some sort of face shape on your own visage.

So inside there is space for 8 individual masks. This box contains 7, as it advertised. I do wonder if perhaps Memebox went through and stole one from each for the Yoghurt box! It does seem quite strange to have 7 in an 8 box pack but I have no complaints as the price was really reasonably and it did advertise 7.

You also get a little paper guide on application
So in the yoghurt box this was described as a one use item. I duly followed the instructions, mixed the whole pack with water, got about half of it on my face and realised there was no way I was getting the rest of this on there! There was a tonne. I don't consider my face to be particularly small so I really do think most people could get two uses out of this. Apparently Korean women take this right down to their shoulders and d├ęcolletage.  I personally would rather use it twice and mix the solution in a bowl. I would also recommend peeling it off and then binning it as it hardens to a rubbery consistency and I wouldn't want that in my pipes (easy Kitty...)

Oddly out of all of the little pots only one has any English writing. I don't expect any English as these are Korean products but I thought they would all have it, or none. Peppermint has got the special treatment this time!

All the varieties are different
I did however find this picture which explains a bit better which type they each are... except for the orange. That's a rogue colour, nobody knows its true identity! (I managed to discover the identity of orange a bit further down... clearly it was not special enough for a spot on this picture!) Each box comes with its own spatula.

Link to original site
So lets look which varieties I got. I believe they are selected randomly but I could be wrong, I haven't seen any reviews on the packs yet.

Peppermint: For soothing, refreshing and conditioning. This definitely has a peppermint type smell but it is not overwhelming.
Oatmeal: Moisturising, nutritious and exfoliating. This doesn't have much of an oatmeal smell to me personally!
Propolis: Propolis is a yummy bee product, and you find it a lot in Korean cosmetics. I assume I got a propolis as the Chlorella seems to have more of a green tinge. With no English to go on this is a guessing game!
Yoghurt: For smooth bright shiny skin. Again this just has the typical cup pack smell, nothing yoghurty. I did enjoy this one from my yoghurt box though so happy with another.
Acerola: Acerola is a Brazilian cherry type fruit and is packed full of vitamins. Sadly it doesn't smell like cherry!
Chlorella: Not to be confused with Cholera, Chlorella is a single cell algae (who said beauty products weren't educational.) It is used in health supplements so hopefully will be good for problem skin.
Calendula: So I managed to find the mystery orange one on another site. It is Calendula, or marigold to most of us.

I did not get a brown or a grey one. The brown is Centella Asiatica which is a herb used in Chinese and African medicine, and the grey is Blackfood. Both of those sound pretty nice too! here is what they look like in the pack, the powders are all the same colour.

Here are the usage instructions. They don't shed a great deal of light on things but its an okay thing to have handy!

So if you are a fan of face masks I would definitely recommend picking this up from the Memeshop. At the time of posting these were $17 for 7 with free shipping! Click here to take a look at them.
Any questions feel free to ask!


  1. I'm still on the fence about these but your post is now making me lean towards the shopping cart ;)

    1. I think $17 for (in my opinion) 14 masks is a good deal!

  2. The orange pack is Calendula - recommended for Sensitive Skin Relief and to Moisturise.

    1. Aww thank you I should edit that bit out as further down I managed to find it and popped it into the description :D