Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tom Ford Lip Colour Matte Black Dahlia: Swatch and Review

So I didn't think I would ever pick up a Tom Ford lipstick. They are expensive, the colours are all fairly dupable and I had never heard rave reviews. Brilliant reviews, sure, but not enough to justify a £37 lipstick!

But then they brought out mattes. Any my resolve flew out the window.
Admittedly I had always lusted over Black Orchid, which was limited edition and I missed. When I saw they were bringing out Black Dahlia in matte, I was sorely tempted. Then House of Fraser was offering 10 points per £1, and with 10% discount the lipstick worked out at £30. Still a lot, but more acceptable to me...

So moving swiftly on from my lack of restraint. I understand entirely with high end lipsticks you are paying for the name and the packaging... but it sure is pretty!

Though reflective packaging isn't the best for photos with my amazing skills

It is all very sleek and black, and feel heavy and solid. All the signs of a high end luxe product. It certainly does look the part, but how does the lipstick stack up?

Prepare yourself for possibly the worst lip swatch I have ever done.

NW10 skin, pardon the messy application

One swipe
It is a beautiful dark plum colour, quite similar to MAC Rebel. What I found most pleasing about it was the finish and wear. It lasted forever! Through eating and drinking, until i went to take it off at night. It also had a lovely non drying matte finish, akin to the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks.  These lipsticks really are fantastic, but not fantastic enough to justify the much higher price than even higher end lipsticks like Burberry and Charlotte Tilbury. For my money I would rather buy two of those than one Tom Ford. If they come out with an amazing colour unlike any other they may tempt me back into the fold though!

This colour is still available on Selfridges and House of Fraser!

I just received some more Memeshop items and some Lime Crime, plus I still have to do my foundation review! I was going to save my 100th post for my giveaway winner but then I messed that up, so I have lots coming up!
Martha x

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