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Memebox x CutiePieMarzia: Unboxing and Review!

I grabbed this box in a recent restock. Admittedly I was so used to seeing Marzia's face all over Memebox I had started to ignore all references to her. I thought this was just her second box which has been hanging around Memebox (and the shop, and other boxes...) for a long time. It took a very lovely girl on Facebook to point out she just bought the CutiePieMarzia with the Snow White eyeliners before I even realised it had restocked.

Memebox Shop
The main buzz product from this box was the Snow White eyeliners. I wasn't initially fussed about them as I didn't see the appeal. However, after getting a glimmer bronze liner in my Lucky 10 I was really impressed with the quality. By then I had already decided to give away my Cute Wishlist 1 box so I was really happy to get another chance at the eyeliners in this box!

So with this box you got 2 cards as they usually put a little blurb about the collaborator on there. Marzia's has a little about her YouTube channel and also some 'facts' about her, one being she has a new obsession with Asian cosmetics. Based on her boxes I am not sure of the validity of that claim, other than she tends to pick out items based on cute packaging rather than any benefit they may have. I won't lie, I think the actual box this comes in is super pretty.

I especially love how the floral design continues on the inside of the box!

I'm easily impressed
So in this box you got six full size items. They're mostly pretty small so the box looks fairly sparse!

Lots of tissue, just for you Kitty!
So here are the cards. I'm pretty sure they could have fit these on 2 sides!

As I said earlier I only bought the item for the Snow White liners so anything else I liked was a bonus.

1. Beauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2 eyeliners $54 (currently on sale at Memeshop for $33)
I've never been a big fan of pencil eyeliners so thats why I never really paid a lot of attention to this set. However the gel formula is amazing and I am really glad I have managed to get these.  Even the tin itself is so cute, with grumpy Snow White on the front. The inside is a purple velvet effect holder.

The colours are glimmer black, glimmer brown, glimmer bronze, glimmer gold and glimmer beige, and all glide on with absolute ease and are smudge proof. Very impressive and absolutely worth the price tag!

Considering the box cost less than these on their own its a fab way to pick them up!

2. Shara Shara Petit Friend Tinted Balm in Crown Pink $8
This is actually a cute little pot of lip balm. I like the 'patchwork' style effect of the tin, and the balm smells quite strongly of cherries. The crown is the lip tiny and the more translucent outer is the lip balm. I go through lip balms like water so this is a nice one to keep around, but I'm hoping the tint isn't too strong as I prefer a clear balm. The tin is crazy hard to open though, I'm hoping it will ease off over time but I feel like I'm going to snap a nail when I open it. It was the same with the Shara Shara lip scrub in Cute Wishlist 3

3. It's Skin Babyface OneStep Base Lavender Pink 35ml $8
When I first saw picture of these products I assumed the chibi wings were illustrations to make the pictures cuter. I love the fact they are actually on plastic sleeves. So cute. I actually have one of these already and it's a nice base for brightening the skin. Purple is designed to combat sallowness and yellowness which isn't an issue I have as I have pink undertones and redness, but overall its a pretty cute product I will get use out of.

4. It's Skin Babyface Volumer Essence 30ml $11
Another cute Babyface product. This time a volumising essence that helps plump the skin to minimise signs of ageing. It is also supposed to help generate cell renewal. You can use this alone to add brightness or mix 1/3 with your BB cream. Its a fine product, but I do think these were chosen for their cute appeal rather than their effectiveness.

5. L.vida Nail Polish Pink Orange 10ml $6
The first product in the box I won't use. I haven't heard marvellous things about L.Vida nail polishes. It has quite a strong nail polish smell when compared to my Illamasqua polishes, and the brush on mine is also a little splayed which would make application difficult. The colour is pretty though, but the flower is a bit unnecessary and cumbersome.

6. Pure Smile Gelee Labo Strawberry $1
A one use jam mask pack. I quite like the idea of spreading jam on my face to be quite honest. However I am not sure this is a face mask and not an actual pot of Bed and Breakfast jam with a teddy bear face stuck on it. Memebox are certainly raiding BnB's for ideas according to me this week!

Delicious on toast.
Taking the value of the eyeliners at the current $33 this box worth is $68 so not a massively high value box, but I only paid $29.99 (and also use a $5 discount code so only paid $25) so that was much cheaper than the eyeliners on their own and I got some others useable items and a pretty box as well.

This was the second collaboration box that Memebox created, and the first of three collaborations with CutiePieMarzia. The second was really hyped up after the popularity of this one, and there appeared to be over 5,000 made. Unsurprisingly the CutiePie 2 box is still in stock, despite having been on sale for over a month, and also being broken up for sales in both the Memeshop and put into Cute Wishlist 4, K Style 4 and Dry and Sensitive Skin boxes. The third was better received, although even that wasn't a stellar box, but they made much less and it sold out.

Its a real shame as Memebox has released some brilliant collaboration boxes. I loved the Coffee Break with Dani box, as she had used all the products before and put thought into what items she chose.  The same is true of the recent SoothingSista box which also sold out pretty quickly. Even the recent Samantha Schuerman and Vagabond Youth boxes, although not for me due to mostly being make up, looked like thought had been put into them. Not true, in my opinion, of CPM2 based on her unboxing video where she appeared to have never seen half the products in her life.

Hopefully the recent collab is a sign of brilliant things to come as I am really excited to receive my SoothingSista box! You can use the link to check out the current Memeboxes, even though there are only five left on the site at the moment, or the Memeshop which has a tonne of different Asian beauty products to choose from. Use CH5QYM to get $5 off orders over $30!

Martha x

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