Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: New Mask Subscription Service Oh Sheet Mask

I was really excited when I heard about Oh Sheet Mask, a mask subscription service offering to bring you a selection of Asian sheet masks that are not your 'run of the mill' sheet masks.

I will start by saying I was really disappointed in this box for multiple reasons and I will go through these in this blog post. I am hoping a good sheet mask subscription service comes out that delivers on its promises, but Oh Sheet Mask is not that at the moment.

Okay so lets start positively. The boxes they come in are very sweet. They are handmade paper and cardboard boxes, with a silk ribbon. The typical Oh Sheet Mask comes in a mint green and lilac box, whereas the festive version came in red, green and gold.

So their first claim of sending the boxes in gorgeous handmade boxes I am happy with. Sadly this is where the positives end for me.

1st point of disappointment

Okay so the website says the masks are making waves in Korea and beyond. The couple who run OhSheetMask are based in Thailand. They say they have picked great sheet masks from neighbouring Asian countries, as well as their own (Thailand) Brilliant I thought, a selection of Korean, Japanese, Thai masks. I was pretty disappointed when it was brought to my attention by a wonderful Blogger Genie that every single mask in OhSheetMask November edition was Made in China (and some appear to be copycats or fakes of other masks). Every last one. Would I expect some Chinese masks? Sure. But every last one? Where are the Korean masks, or masks from any other Asian country? How can they claim to bring things from neighbouring Asian countries when every single mask is Chinese. I won't get into the controversy over made in China masks as Genie covered that perfectly herself, being Chinese and living in Hong Kong she offers a much better perspective than me. However, from my limited point of view I did not expect for every mask to be from the same country. That is not what they offered.

2nd point of disappointment

 'Every months box has different masks' Okay lets look. Top row is my November box, and the bottom row is my 'Festive' OhSheetMask Box

Either I have double vision or there are repeats, and a lot of them.
Okay, so clearly that claim of no repeats is wrong. Four of these masks are identical to Novembers offerings, and one is a different variety of the same mask. (Note the middle Honey mask is a copycat of an Innisfree mask, another concern if these masks are not legitimate)

 Again, top row is November, and bottom row is 'festive' As you can see only one repeat here, but when we take a look at Octobers box offerings, we see the same masks again. Again, every last one Made in China. So clearly their claim of no repeats is bust.

3rd point of disappointment

The 'festive' sheet mask was expected to at least contain some festive themed masks. Maybe cranberry? Anything. The only difference was the coloured box (which is pretty!) but the masks themselves were just all repeats, with no festive theme at all.

So overall I am pretty disappointed with the subscription service. They are a pretty new company and maybe things will improve, but considering there have been three boxes sent out with purely Made in China masks, no variation, and already repeats after only three boxes I do not see great things ahead.  I have also not seen a great response to the negative feedback surrounding these masks from the company themselves.  See the comments on Genie's blog post. It isn't something that fills me with confidence.

 I will not be using the masks due to reasons outlined by Genie. I have not used them so have absolutely no opinions on the masks themselves, positively or negatively. I am just disappointed overall in the promises made by the company on the website which have not been fulfilled.
Martha x

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