Sunday, 16 November 2014

MAC Cosmetics Holiday Collection: Keepsakes Objects of Affection Rose Pigment Set

With the Heirloom collection, the Objects of Affection and the Keepsakes I can barely keep track of all the MAC Holiday collections! I believe these are in the Keepsakes part of the Holiday collection, and the names of all the mini sets are 'Objects of Affection' Far too many names to keep track of!

Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches, Heritage Rouge
These pigment sets came in gold, rose, silver/blue and bronze which was the MAC online exclusive. I picked up the rose as although the others looked beautiful they didn't stand out as much as this set.

Initially I wasn't impressed at all by the Cameo glittery special boxes. They came in black, grey and cream,  and I honestly thought they looked really tacky. However, as one mini pigment is £10, and these were selling for £26, it was a bargain I had to have, especially as the current mini pigment selection is very limited.

Then I got it in person and was pleasantly surprised by how it looks in real life!

MAC Grey Keepsakes Box
It actually looks really pretty in real life. I love cameos and anything twee anyway and I actually like how this looks. It is not something I would display as I don't have much black and grey in my decor but it isn't something I will throw away either!

As mentioned above these pigments are the same size as the Sized to Go pigments, but instead of one for £10, you get 4 and a glitter for £26. I reviewed five that I picked up here, but weirdly most are out of stock on the MAC website at the moment! Hopefully they will be restocking and adding more shades to the current limited range of eight. Rose is available as a stand alone mini pigment but the others are not.

Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Heritage Rouge, Reigning Riches glitter
These are all swatched using Urban Decay primer potion. I had to put on an extra swipe of it for the glitter which is why I did the glitter last.

Whisper Pink looks more pink in the bottle than it swatches. It swatches a super light baby pink on the skin and would be a lovely brow highlight or subtle eyeshadow.

Tan is a very soft bronze with a pinky tinge. It compliments Whisper Pink and Rose very well!

Rose is one of my favourite pigment colours. A medium pink that doesn't look too over the top and compliments all eye colours really well!

Heritage Rouge is the only matte pigment in this set, but it is matte with a duo- chrome effect. How that works I have no idea but it is definitely matte! It is a soft brown with a plum duo-chrome affect.

Reigning Riches is a copper pink glitter. Even with two coats of Urban Decay Primer Potion I found this hard to get to stick so this could be more difficult to work with than the pigments.

Picture again so you can see the comparisons.

Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reigning Riches, Heritage Rouge
I took too long to review these so currently the are only in stock in Selfridges as far as I can see, along with the Gold and the Silver/Blue.

Highly recommend this fab set of pigments, its a great way to try a few shades without paying £10 a go on the MAC website!

Martha x


  1. You are so tempting me lady! The set truly looks lovely! And I have so been into wearing MAC glitter all over my eyes so even the glitter could be fun to play with! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Its a gorgeous set, but I can definitely see how the UK prices bring you back to earth with a bump!