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Memebox Special 53 Wine and Cheese Cosmetics: Unboxing and Review!

And next we have the Whine and Cheese. No, not a typo, this is probably the box that has caused most angst among Memefans, myself included!

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Let us delve into the wonders of the wine and cheese box and see whether it was worth all the problems along the way!

When this box first came out it was pretty exciting as the spoiler that accompanied it was a very popular product, the Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream by Emprani. There was some initial confusion over the size as the picture above showed a smaller 30ml size, but the 'spoiler' picture which was also on the listing showed a full size item. Memebox confirmed it was a full size which made the box an awesome deal as that item alone was worth roughly 1.5 times the cost of the box. Brilliant. All was going so well so far...

The first problem with this box was two delays. The first was an apparent mistake in the listing and was I think a 6 day delay. No problem. The second was another week or so delay, making this box ship about 2 weeks after initially stated. A lot of people were annoyed by that but it didn't upset me too much as I'm not desperate for any of the boxes. We were also told the Innisfree box was delayed, and with an Innisfree spoiler posted for Wine and Cheese weeks before, we put two and two together and figured the Innisfree product was the hold up. As the Innisfree box is now completely cancelled, and many receiving their Wine and Cheese without the Innisfree there was clearly some hiccup along the way there (Memebox have offered a really decent compensation for the missing product, half the cost of the box almost so props to Memebox on how they handled it)

I ordered two wine and cheese boxes, one came with the Innisfree product and I can only assume my one due to ship on December 1st will not have the wine product, so I got a $12 store credit refund which I was pleased with.

Okay so the delay was the first cause of Memedrama but that didn't really irk me. The next issue did, albeit temporarily and pointlessly!

Typo alert!
So the first pictures of the Wine and Cheese from someone who received it was just the cards. The card stated the Bounce Cheese Cream was 30ml instead of the promised 75ml. Obviously a lot of people (including me!) we're really annoyed as that was the main reason I bought two of these! However, it is just a typo and the cream is 75ml. Phew!

As stated above I got all six products in this box. Some people will only receive five, and will not get product number five. The box is came in was super tiny and cute, but it was very heavy and jam packed.

After all that talk about the Memedrama surrounding this box, lets see what we got in it! This box actually came with three spoilers, the Bounce, the Mangchee and the Innisfree so there were only three surprises!

1. Ladykin Mangchee Lifting Mask 50ml $43
This is a overnight mask to lift and firm the skin, made with mango, cheese and shea butter. Its supposed to lock in moisture for an instant glowy youthful complexion. This is something which will come in handy in Winter. I am getting quite a stash of sleeping packs and fully intend on sleeping as much as possible to get use out of them! This is a very thick cream and it smells more like mango than cheese which is a plus.

2. Ladykin Mangchee Replenishing Hand Cream 60ml $14
Another Mangchee product, this time a hand cream. Again, my hand cream stash is growing but I really like them and use them throughout the day or my hands, especially around my nails, feel very dry. They say the first signs of aging are in the hands and neck so hoping my hands will stay youthful when my face is long gone! I really feel the cold in my hands and they chap easily with the gym and general life in Winter so this will be staying!

3. Blanc Doux Pinot Noir UV Shield & Tone Up Sensitive 40ml $36
"No more blemish instigating oily sunscreen" this red wine sunblock offers an SPF 35 and moderate UVA/UVB protection, ideal for Winter. Although this wasn't marketed as such this definitely feels like a winter warm up box, I don't drink wine and I'm not a massive fan of cheese except on pizza but these really do feel like a Winter warmer type of item. Maybe the weather is just getting to me, I don't think I have seen sunlight all week! I like suncream, I love wearing it. Its the best anti ageing device in my humble opinion and I haven't actually received all that many from Memebox. I know they're out there but they have passed me by!

Onto the superstar!

4. Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 75ml $35?
This is hard to price as the price on the card is for the 30ml. I cannot find it on the Memebox site as it is but I do remember it being for sale for I believe $25 sale price so I shall say $25, but I know it can sell for upwards of $40. This cream first of all smells amazing, like Marzibain from Lush. The card doesn't mention it containing almonds but it has a wonderful sweet marzipan. The texture is amazing, like gooey melted mozarella cheese, hence the name!

It feels utterly amazing on the skin and I can see why it is a holy grail for so many people. I am hoping my 150ml (in 2 boxes) lasts me a long time but I will 100% repurchase this. I am currently using it as a night time moisturiser. and it really does just make my skin look good. No need to wear make up, glowy, even tone, moisturised, just marvellous. It does actually contain whey which gives it the fun consistency!

5. Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener 180ml $12
Argh the controversy! So yeah as mentioned a good proportion of Wine and Cheese buyers will not be getting this product. I am getting one box with and one box without. Whilst I think memebox handled this well it is not entirely clear how they decided which boxes got it and which did not as it does not appear to have gone the logical route of who bought it first... I bought two and this box seems to be from the second order I made.

Innisfree is a very popular Korean make up brand with a good reputation so I am keen to try my first product from them. I also grabbed some Innisfree sheet masks from BeautyNetKorea after the Oh Sheet Mask travesty...This is another peeling gel which you massage and roll away the dead skin cells. I feel like Memebox products come in waves. I had a tonne of boxes without peeling gels, and I now have 4 from my past few boxes! Anyway this has a good standing online (which is why so many people were sad not to receive it) and I am excited to try it. The wine shaped bottle is a really fun packaging idea and it really smells like red wine. Thats really not great for me as the smell of red wine knocks me sick. If this works brilliantly I will keep it but if its only so-so the smell will make this a pass product for me.

6. Tonymoly I'm Real red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care $2
I am liking the recent trend of including two sheet masks in boxes instead of just one. I am always happy to get more sheet masks as they are one product I know I will blitz through. I really like using these in the bath, I do think they make a difference for my skin. Again I am hoping that these don't have a strong wine smell, but I never notice a crazy strong smell from any sheet mask I have tried so far. They've all been fairly subtle! If the first one is too strong I will give the other away.

So overall this box is awesome. I am really pleased with it and I am glad I have another on the way, mostly for products 1 and 4. This box was $29+$7 shipping, and has a Memevalue of $132 using my amended Bounce Cheese Cream price of $25 (last sale price I saw) I am more than happy as to be honest I would have paid the box cost for the Bounce cream alone, so I basically got all those extras for free in my mind. I am especially happy as if all goes to plan I will have got my second box for only $17 after the Innisfree refund on the Jelly Softener, an even bigger bargain.

So this box gets a massive 'totally worth the drama' thumbs up from me!

Currently Memebox is indulging in the Black Friday craziness so you may find something you like!

See what you think...
Thanks for reading!
Martha x


  1. Like you, I'm not fond of cheese, except on pizza, which is why I skipped this box. The products look really wonderful, esp the Mangchee creams and sunscreen.

    1. I am really glad I got two, and would totally pick up a restock!