Thursday, 20 November 2014

Memebox Special 55 OMG 4: Unboxing and Review!

The latest instalment of the OMG series of boxes hit my doorstep this morning, with OMG 4 arriving.
We were promised the absolute wackiest of products after a few people were a bit disappointed at the lack of shocking products in the previous three OMG editions. I haven't got any of those three so I was excited for my first venture into the world of OMG Korean beauty.

Slightly lurid cover picture!
There definitely has been a lot of OMG over this box, so lets find out why....

As this was a Superbox all the items included are full size, and there are six in total. Here are the information cards for you to peruse at your leisure:

Well I can hardly wait to get onto product number one. The product on everyones lips... and penises and lady gardens.

My first love was also a sheet mask for a penis
1. Nadu Skin The First Love Pack $6
At first glance these look like two perfectly normal sheet masks. Black raspberry? Yummy! Pomegranate? Delicious, I can't wait to put these on my face.

But wait! Prepare it in advance for that special someone? Prepare what Memebox?

For the face they ain't!
Yup these masks are for your penis, or your vagina, clearly it is up to you to choose.  There has been quite a lot of OMG and much laughter regarding these products which I guess is the entire point of the box, so Memebox has succeeded! Kitty has promised to do a demonstration of both of these products, all by herself, so head on over to her channel if you like to be horrified.

I do have one question Memebox.

Who has diamond shaped balls Memebox?
 Perhaps diamonds truly are a girl's best friend.

Self explanatory sanitary pad shaped foo foo mask
Product number one is ticking the OMG boxes for sure!

2. Pureplus+ Cocoon Returning Toner 200ml $18
A toner made from cocoons. I doesn't say where the cocoons come from but I assume that is the OMG part of it. I suppose cocoons are fairly OMG. This seems like a perfectly nice toner with witch hazel and 'various vitamins' alongside the cocoons. A nice product but not one to go OMG over.

Abalone Crystal Double EX Cream 50ml $78
I am assuming the OMG nature of this product is the price? Although this is a perfectly lovely face cream made from the mucin of a large sea snail (or Abalone) It boasts various benefits such as brightening, anti agin, soothing irritated skin etc. It does suffer from the 'very thick glass' packaging effect which makes it look about 3x as big as it actually is, as the pot inside is actually quite small behind the glass. Still it looks and smells pretty nice, and here is some info I found on the ingredients:
4. Shara Shara Secret Magic Lipstick 3.5g $8
From the card image this is supposed to be either a blue lipstick that turns pink, a green lipstick that turns pink, or a yellow lipstick that turns mango. Feel free to chip in which colour this is...

The side says green to pink, who am I to argue. I have seen another person describe their lipstick as discoloured so I am just going to assume this has maybe got a bit hot or cold at some point. I have not swatched it as I won't be keeping it but this wasn't a great product for me. It is supposed to react to your body heat to change to the second colour. I guess the colour changing is the OMG part but it seems a bit gimmicky to me.

5. Dr MJ Moisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF30 45g $46
This is another great product in the box. This is supposed to be a 'bouncy, jelly like BB' that you scoop up with a spatula. I know a lot of people won't like the 'pot' nature of this but I don't mind it. However I had a sneaky peek at it, and to me it just looks like any other BB cream. I don't see the bouncy jelly like texture it describes. It does however still look like a good quality BB cream and you get a lot of it!

6. Purebess Hot Styling Hair Fixer 8g $16
This claims to not be a hair gel or hair spray, but a 'hair fixer' I can't imagine it being any different to hair spray or gel but just in a mascara wand type packaging. You are supposed to use this to fix stray hairs for that 'perfect stewardess look' Just what I always wanted... but seriously my hair does what it wants. A thousand of these wouldn't keep it from doing that!

So here is the box in its entirety. It came in one of the smaller style Memeboxes and was pretty tightly packed!

Overall I think it was a pretty decent box. I paid $29 and I got it in a bundle so paid $7 for two boxes to be express shipped to me. The Memebox stated value of this box is $172 so a pretty good deal. As noted at first this is the 4th OMG box Memebox has released. They used to release an OMG, K Style and Cute Wishlist box around the last week of each month. However last month we did not get the expected OMG/MCW/KS 5 edition. This may just be a one off, or they may have decided to stop these boxes. Although I liked them, they have become less popular since the first editions for perhaps not being as good as the flagship boxes. Memebox have however released some boxes which fit into the themes that OMG tried to put across, in particular the 'Dirty Gal' box which is still currently available on Memebox if you fancy trying it! CH5QYM gets you $5 off over $30!

Hoping for some crazy items in this!
Thank you as always for reading! I will have Dry and Sensitive Skin up shortly!
Martha x

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