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Memebox Special 59 Scrub 2: Unboxing and Review!

The second half of my Oil Therapy and Scrub 2 bundle this time. I'm actually really pleased with this box, and contrary to most people I prefer this to Scrub 1, unboxed here!

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This will be a much happier review than the last one, as this ticked a lot of my scrubber needs!

I am instantly more attracted just by the packaging!

Lets not waste time as I feel like I have none of it this week!

1. Beauty Firm Rubbing Jelly Scrub 60ml $7
This is really funky. It is an apricot elbow and heel scrub, so basically your typical targeted scrub for problem areas. I don't actually need my elbows scrubbing as they're quite soft all by themselves. My heels however will definitely make use of this. It doesn't smell overly of apricots which is good for me as I don't like the smell of them. However here is the cool part!

Cool funky scrubby bit!
It has a neon pink rubbery scrubby pad inside which you twist to open, then the scrub comes out of the middle and you use the pink pad to massage the scrub in. This will tickle my feet no doubt but it seems a lot of fun! Happy with product one!

2. ddung Family Peeling Gel 120ml $18
Not exactly sure what is family about this? Do you share it around the family? Will it peel your unwanted family away if requested? Anyhow this is a peeling gel for the face, which you massage in and it balls up with all the rubbish, oil and dead skin cells from your face. This is my second peeling gel from Memebox that you 'scrub', the first being from the Little Mermaid box. Both of which work nicely but this one smells nice, whereas the one from the Mermaid box smells awful! This one smells just like sour apple sweets. Lush.

Also why does no one like the packaging! Its so cute, I love the ddung faces. They remind me of Byul dolls:

Look at the sulky cuteness!
So many people really dislike the ddung packages and think they're creepy but I really like them. This one especially with the glasses and party hat headband with a panda? Super cute!

3. Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub 100ml $10
I had a total brain fuzz with this and thought it was a face scrub. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a body scrub, especially as my apricot one from Scrub 1 just ran out. I have heard good reviews of this as the stand alone decent product from the Sweet Shop Scent Box.  It is made with black sugar, shea butter and jojoba and it smells very sweet and delicious. Definitely happy with this item also.

4. ProYou Special E/B Creamy Peel 50g $48
This is another 'creamy peel' aka a cream you rub on the skin and it balls up with detritus on your skin, same as the ddung. I don't like the idea of having two identical use products in one box, but this really works nicely and leaves the skin feeling baby soft. I actually prefer this 'creamy peel' to the 'gel peel types I have had so far. It is not as fast acting as the ddung and you don't get that instant feeling of 'oh wow what is all this lumpy stuff coming off my skin' but the results are better from this in my opinion! Smells pretty gorgeous too. Unassuming packaging but fab product (as would be expected as its $30 more than the ddung!)

5. Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask 100ml $7
I got a lovely black sugar scrub in the Skinfood box, as well as a Tony Moly latte scrub in my Cafe Box. I love both and I cannot wait to try this one, especially as it has honey and gold in, randomly. Not sure exactly what gold will do for me in a skin scrub, but it is an ingredient which pops up a lot, I've had gold and cacao items in the Chocolate Mania box, as well as some Neogen Gold and Caviar essence pads on the way!  I do not use face scrubs often, maybe once a week, so it takes me a while to get through them, but this is definitely something I will be using as I adore sugar scrubs.

6. Pureplus+ Skin Freyia Foot Peeling $12
Woooot! I love foot peeling masks! They are one of my favourite discoveries from K beauty and I am really excited to have one in this box. I got a bit over excited as I thought from the card there were two, but there is only one. They class it as 'two' as there is one for each foot. Very confusing but nevermind! I can't wait to try these. I have used the Holika Holika Baby Foot ones before and they worked well, but I could have done with another go to really get the heels softer, but it made a massive difference to my feet. They really do peel off like the photos, they're not enhanced in any way. its so satisfying to see all the dead skin just falling off your feet. I also have 4 Tony Moly shiny foot masks on the way from BeautyNewKorea so glad to have this to tide my feet over until they arrive.

So six great products in my opinion, and six I will get a lot of use out of. I really do like this much better than Scrub 1! This box was only $23. I bought it in a bundle with Oil Therapy so only paid one shipping fee of $7 and for that I got a 2 day express shipment. The Memebox value of this is $102 and its definitely worth my $23!

Sadly there isn't a great deal of choice on the Memebox site at the moment but the Memeshop has all sorts of fun things for sale and I have found myself making a few cheeky orders from there! Head on over to see if anything floats your boat like this Scrub box did for me! Use CH5QYM to get $5 off orders over $30! 

Happy shopping!
Martha x

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