Saturday, 22 November 2014

Memeshop Product Review: SkinFactory 7 Second Morning Sheets

As a person who holds sleep in the highest regard, anything to simplify my morning routine and give me extra minutes to stay in bed will catch my attention. So when I saw these 7 Second Morning sheets spoken about in high regard on various forums and blogs, mostly in the hopes they would be in the Thumbs Up Bloggers Picks box... no such luck, I was intrigued. Then they went on sale in the Memeshop, so I had to pick some up!

I'd happily take an extra 7 seconds in bed!
Although these have absolutely rave reviews I was sceptical. Surely they can't do all that they claim, be a clarifying toner, a conditioning essence and a moisturiser at the same time?

Well apparently it can, and also exfoliate, act as an anti ageing serum and give you a facial massage! It seems Memebox is wanting to put the rest of its products out of business with the billion in one product!

Oh I forgot, its also a make up primer, leaving you with the perfect canvas for your foundation.
Basically its a miracle product. You're supposed to keep it in the fridge for best results, and it comes with a ring pull lid and tweezers for hygienic dispensing.

I have been using these pads for a few days now and overall I am pretty impressed. Do I think they are a one use wonder product? No. But do they make me feel much better about those 15 minutes in bed, and rushing out of the house on a morning with slightly more than a splash of water? Yep.

Textured side
You put your fingers into the back of the pad and use the textured side to exfoliate your face and give it a 'clarifying tone'   This felt really refreshing and definitely made my skin feel 'clarified' with all traces of any moisturiser or sleeping pack from the night before removed. After exfoliating for 7 seconds (no more, no less or it simply will not work!) you flip the pad over and pat in the remaining essence with the flatter side of the pad.

My skin really feels refreshed after using these, and the convenience cannot be denied. I will admit I have started to use an additional primer as I didn't feel like this was enough. However, I do think these are brilliant as a one step cleanse, tone, moisturise on mornings where bed is simply way more attractive than a drawn out morning skin care routine! If you love your sleep ins, these could be the product for you! If you think you need some you can pick some up at the Memeshop here!
Martha x

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