Monday, 10 November 2014

Small Haul: Burberry Lipstick Limited Edition Holiday Collection!

I thought I would get this up quick in case the Limited Edition lipstick included threatens to sell out. It isn't a limited edition colour but it was one I didn't have, and the packaging was beautiful for the Christmas season!

Burberry Lip Cover Hibiscus and Ltd Ed Lip Mist in Oxblood
The Oxblood Lip Mist is part of two new holiday collections from Burberry, the Oxblood collection and the Gold collection.

I already had two lipsticks from Burberry, both of which were Lip Velvets which I blogged in more detail here. I took a photo to show the difference in the packaging for the Lip Velvets (matte) and the Lip Covers and Mists (mirrored) Note they have magnets in to keep the lids on securely which caused them to line up like this!

Velvets, Cover and Ltd Ed Mist
So here they are in the packages, the gold is the limited style, it would usually match the Lip Cover exactly.

Apart from the gorgeous packaging and wonderful lipsticks a great thing about Burberry is they offer free next day shipping on all items, even including Saturday delivery which I haven't seen before! As I work during normal post hours a free guaranteed Saturday is brilliant!
They also gift wrap their items beautifully.

How many reds does a girl need? All of them. Thats how many.
The Lip Velvets offer beautiful velvet coverage, matte without being dry. The Lip Covers are more comparable to a satin finish lipstick but less shiny and sticky feeling. They make your lips glossy and are very long lasting. I didn't notice a large difference to be honest between the Mist and the Cover, despite the Mist supposedly only having a subtle hint of colour. Maybe as I bought a very deep red it is not so sheer, but I prefer pigmented lipsticks anyway! Both wear like beautiful satin or creamsheen finish lipsticks.

Oxblood Mist, Hibiscus Cover, Pink Azalea Velvet, Bright Poppy Velvet
In real life the Oxblood has a much more red finish than the Azalea velvet and a very different finish. Hibiscus is much more red than Poppy also!

Overall, you need some Burberry lipsticks in your life!
In terms of high end lipsticks I cannot recommend all three finishes of the Burberry more highly. My favourite is by far the Velvets but I always favour a matte lip. Apart from Charlotte Tilbury I think they offer some of the best matte finish lipsticks around!


  1. I've always wished I could pull off red lipstick. It's so classically sexy. I really like the Hibiscus swatch.

  2. I'm sure you can Angel! My confession is that until about a year ago I never ever wore lipstick. I probably shouldn't have started, I'd have been a lot richer than I am now! I always thought it looked stupid on me but I love it now, the deeper and darker the better!

  3. I'm exactly the same! I never used lipstick, eyeshadow or blush before. Now I'm eyeshadow crazy and am just starting to get curious about lipstick, especially red and hot pink colors! I'm still not sold on blush tho, but I will use my A'Pieu perles on occasion.