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Memebox Special 57 For Dry and Sensitive Skin: Unboxing and Review!

This is the second half of my bundle, which came with the OMG4 box which I have already unboxed! I also have My Cute Wishlist 4 coming from this release but sadly they didn't offer a bundle with these three boxes so MCW will be coming later.

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Winter is coming. Sean Bean knows it, Jon Snow definitely doesn't know it, but my skin knows it, so I was hoping for lots of things to help in this box.

As always here are the cards!

As you can see it is six full size products as this was a superbox. There was  very strong herbal smell as I opened the box and I quickly found the culprit!

1. Zamian Trouble Skin Handmade Soap Ac'xxii 100g $18
This is a handmade soap made with a mix of tea tree, lavender and manuka honey. I have spoke before about my worry about manuka honey and cosmetics, considering in the UK alone we sell more than is produced by New Zealand full stop each year. Anyway the tea tree element is appealing to me, having bought the tea tree box to help my skin, so I will definitely try this. The strong smell is the tea tree and the lavender. Its not unpleasant but it is strong. The box is really cute. The creamy looking parts of the soap treat blemishes whilst the orange part moisturises. I have used facial soaps from Lush before, the last one being Movis, and I do like them, but I find them less convenient than liquid cleansers, and more messy, so I tend to use them for a bit then they get stuck in a cupboard, but I will try this one out and try not to forget about it.

2. TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All in One Serum 100ml $20
After the slight overstock of the CutiePieMarzia2  collab box lots of people expected this product to show up in boxes. Indeed most of the products from that box have now shown up either deeply discounted on the Memebox shop, the Appletox in My Cute Wishlist 4, and perhaps most disappointingly, three products have shown up in K-Style 4. We knew it was going to happen, but three in one box is a bit much.

Anyway I digress, I actually do not mind having this in the box at all. The From Jeju box was a huge hit so I am happy to try some items from the island myself! It contains broccoli, kiwi and aloe vera . It doesn't smell quite as nice as the SkinJuice Ampoule from the Dessert Box, but it does smell pretty good. I am always happy to try more serums, so despite this being a CPM2 cast off, I'll take it!

3. Pedison Nutritive Infusion Cream 120ml $29
This is a body cream for dry sensitive skins with no preservatives. It delivers instant moisture to skin needing help and will leave my skin healthy, silky, and nourished. Well heres hoping. The smell isn't unpleasant but its not a nice smell either. I wouldn't use it as an all over cream due to that, but will definitely use it to target sore and dry areas in winter! It does leave a very silky feeling on the skin though so that is a big plus.

4. Anacis Triactive Dermatis Intensive Cream 20ml $12
This is a soothing face cream which is for the most reactive and irritated faces. Suitable for babies and pregnant women it is extra gentle. It has 27 natural extracts including green tea and walnut, and is pretty much for every skin complaint you can think of! it has a very faint oaty porridgey smell to me, and has a very smooth almost gel like feeling as you rub it in. I really like this a lot. Its not the most exciting product in the world but it feels nice, smells nice and it seems to be for those days when the wind has really chapped your face, which sadly happens a lot!

5. Migabee Botanical Moisture Mist 150ml $22
The word botanical made me assume the strong herbal smell when opening the box was this, so it didn't appeal at first as I wouldn't want that strong smell on my body at night. However, luckily the smell is really nice, very neutral! I am a big fan of the other Migabee products I have received in Memebox so far,  so I hope they continue to be included. This is an easier way of getting moisture into the skin than a body lotion. I haven't tried a body mist yet, Kitty be sending me the Donkey Oil from OMG 3 but she is taking forever. This contains red ginseng, aloe vera and camellia oil, all renowned for their ability to help troubled skin so I am super happy with this!

6. Pureplus+ Lip Treatment 10g $9
This was the only choice product in either of my boxes today, from either strawberry or honey. I got honey. This is not to be confused with the PureSmile lip treatments from the Honey Box, although out of the packaging they look similar! This has snail mucin, shea butter and Vitamin E to help protect the lips. I love lip products and this will join my lip balm treatment stash. I hope its as good as the Honey Box one as that is pretty gorgeous!

All the things!
So that is all for the Dry and Sensitive Skin box from Memebox. I am actually pretty pleased with all of the items. It is not the most exciting box but then sometimes good skincare isn't exciting. If these products live up to their claims I will be pretty happy this winter, and so will my skin. I paid $29 for this box, plus $7 for the bundle to be express shipped. This only took a day from the postage date from Korea so you cannot really complain!

The Memebox value of this box is $110, and with six useable products I am happy with what I ordered! Although I must say it has slightly solidified my resolve to stick to heavily themed boxes from now on, such as food boxes. I did buy the Next Best Thing in Skincare as the description sounded pretty fun, and I am hoping that its good, but I have so many things stocked up now I really should stick with themes that reach out and grab me!

If you fancy Next Best Thing in Skincare it is still in stock on Memebox! Click the link below to check it out. CH5QYM will still get you $5 off your order until the end of November!

Don't want to be left behind!
As always thank you for reading!
Martha x

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