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Memebox Special 60 Oil Therapy: Unboxing and Review

This won't be the usual type review as I am selling this box in its entirety as it wasn't at all what I was expecting. The description mentioned 'exquisite essential oils' for hair, body, face and nails. I don't think the items really lived up to this description, seeming to be mostly aimed at those with oily skin. It is a good box, just not for me and in my opinion not what most were expecting from an 'oil therapy' box.
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I was hoping for some Argan oils for my hair, maybe some nail oils for my nails which flake and are useless, a face oil, a luxurious body oil. As a $29 Superbox my hopes were high, but I do think this has missed the mark as far as my expectations were concerned.

This box was a bit of a slow burner, it didn't sell out until recently and was bundled with the Scrub 2 box also. However I think some of those bundles were backordered and didn't get sold out. Lets see what I did get in this box!
The box in its entirety. Including tissue contrary to popular
 belief that Memebox has ran out of tissue.

Sometimes boxes look so exciting when you open them, but this to me wasn't one of those. But I thought the Little Mermaid box looked boring too but I actually like most of the products in that!

So as this is going to be a card based unboxing I will get on with it so I can get this box sent out tomorrow to its new owner!

1. Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm 25g $8
This would have been something I would have kept if I wasn't just selling the whole thing. I like Holika Holika and this is a balm which you rub onto your nose and it dissolves blackheads. I don't actually have issues with blackheads (just everything else) so although the little tub is cute I have no use for this. It does look like a fun product to use.

2. ProYou Eucalyptus 10ml $24
This eucalyptus oil is for your face and is supposed to treat irritated skin and preserve your youth. You can use this in your bath as an aromatherapy oil or on your face. I do use essential oils for various things, keeping the cats off places, stopping the sauna at the gym smelling like feet, but none of them cost $24!

3. Cheek Room Lip & Eye Makeup Remover 100ml $12
This is my first Cheek Room product I believe... (or I haven't noticed/sold my others straight away) Can I first address the tart issue. Why would I want a picture of a tart on my make up?? Put away those fiery biscuits!

Anyway I was hoping for an oil cleanser but this wasn't really what I wanted. I have just bought a Banila Co Zero Purity cleanser so I am thinking that will work better for me than this. This is especially designed for waterproof lip and eye make up.

4. Migabee Verbana Oil Serum 30ml $29
I have received a few Migabee products so far in Memebox and I have been really impressed by them! Again this is another face oil, the thing that threw me/put me off this product was this mentioned you can mix it with your foundation or BB cream. I cannot imagine mixing a luxury face oil with foundation and it working at all well. Its very thick and gloopy. Its probably awesome and I'll no doubt regret giving it away, but never mind!

5. Bobbish Luminous Body and Facial Mist 100g $8
So this is a body and face oil, what I was hoping for right? And it has Argan oil in which was one of my hopes for the box. Well to be honest I don't use the same products on my face as my body so I would rather have a dedicated body oil and a dedicated face oil rather than a two for one product. It looks a fairly thin oil mist so probably more ideally suited to the face, and it claims it can be used both before and after make up. It promises an instant opulent experience when you use it. This is what I was hoping from from the box but the product doesn't scream opulence to me. Bobbish isn't a brand I have come across before in the Memeverse so I don't really know a lot about the product or others like it!

6. ProYou Aroma Vita Oil 165ml $37
As a packaging junkie I'll be honest in that a lot of the disappointment from this box is that the packaging sucks. This looks like a shampoo bottle from any drugstore, the oils just look like your typical aromatherapy oils from Holland and Barrett. I know thats totally shallow, pointless and doesn't reflect on the quality of the products, but I would have liked at least one show stopper package in the box.  This is another face and body oil. It specifies using it on face, abdomen, hips and thighs but doesn't say it has any firming properties which would justify that. Otherwise I can't see why it would specify those potential 'problem areas' You can also mix it in with your bath water, or apply it after a shower. Again this is a product I would use, but for $37 Memevalue I can buy me another Penhaligons bath and body oil, in a beautiful glass stoppered bottle. Thats the type of packaging I expect in a luxurious, opulent, oil box.

So that is everything in the box. I guess my main issue upon looking at the product description is the lack of variety. Two face oils, two body and face oils, a face blackhead balm and a make up remover. I longed for hair oils, nail oils, a dedicated body oil and a luxury face oil. That didn't happen for me in this box, and that is why I am passing it on to someone who can use it! It was a good value box, costing $29 + shipping (I got it shipped express with Scrub 2 for $7) and the Memevalue is $118. Sadly it is not worth my $29 so will be sold on!

If you are interested in Korean beauty, below is an affiliate link to the Memebox website which lets you access affiliate discounts. At the moment there are about two boxes for sale! Absolutely crazy, November has been such a short month for Memeboxes, but there are lots of new fun things in the shop and a 'mega restock' is planned for Black Friday but details are scarce!

Go check out all the lovely boxes... all 2 of them....

Martha x

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