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Memebox Special 54 Miracle Masks: Unboxing and Review!

Sorry for the seemingly endless stream of unboxings with no break. Work is crazy, a million school Nativitys to plan and as well as sort Christmas for myself. At the end of my tether and then some!  I have lots of boxes to unbox and review as well as some things I have picked up for myself. Hoping to get caught up Saturday night! But for today, we have Miracle Masks!

Memebox Global Shop
This is the 6th Mask Box and I think only the second I have received. Previous mask boxes have been great and I did enjoy my Mask 5.

I saw a few spoilers of this and I wasn't majorly impressed. When three of the listed products are single use sheet masks it didn't fill me with hope. I love sheet masks but they tend to be low value and if there are going to be sheet masks I expect three to count as one item on the card. 

Here is the box in its entirety and the information cards.

Yey another creepy cute Ddung bottle!

All that glitters isn't gold..
That second half of the crd is the one that filled me with most disappointment at an initial glance, but lets see if that can be alleviated.

1. Purederm Cucumber Eye 24 Pads $12
I have never actually used eye pads, so these are something I am not upset about. They're a fairly standard product which a lot of people will have used before but I am excited to try them. the box comes with a little set of tweezers inset into it for hygienic dispensing, and they really do smell like cucumbers. They are also patterned to look like cucumber slices to which appeals to me. These are a 12 use product (assuming you have two eyes, apologies to any pirates or other people with one eye reading)

Could put them in a sandwich. But that would be awful.
Happy with product number one!

2. LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask 50ml $46
I am not a big vampire fan, I try and stay away from the 17 million sexy young vampire programmes currently on the go. Apart from Mitchell in Being Human, he'll do.  Anyway, regardless I love the little vampire teeth on this little jar, seriously cute! This water mask is made from dragons blood, a resin from a tree, don't get too excited, and is a highly recommended sleeping pack. I love sleeping packs, and I love this! Smells nice and the consistency is just right, not too thick and not too thin for a sleep pack.

3. ddung Vitamin Wash Off Pack 120ml $12
Wooo another creepy doll bottle. She is actually slightly creepier than the other but she's still cute, with her crazy flowery bonnet. This is a wash off pack which you leave on the face for 3-5 minutes and then wash off. It has the same lovely apple scent as the peeling mask in Scrub 2 which I enjoy. Pleased with this... now onto the GOLD section of the card...

4. Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack 180ml $16
This is my second bottle of this, after receiving some in my Global 15 box. It was a pretty nice conditioner and I was happy with it, but I guess I don't see it as a mask. I was just using it as a hair conditioner myself. The treatment packs I use I leave on for hours, this says leave on for 1-2 minutes. To me thats just a normal conditioner, I use my Clarisonic in the shower whilst I wait for my conditioners! Happy with it but not excited by it, especially as it is a repeat.

5. To Be Nang Snail Nutrition Hydro gel Mask 51g $5
Now I actually see these are Hydro gel masks I am more excited! I have yet to try one but I know a lot of people really love them. Memebox recently brought out their own line of Hydrogel masks so I may want to try those if I like this. Hydro gel masks run a little more expensive than you're typical sheet mask so I have high hopes for this. I also love snail masks so will definitely be keen to give this a try!

6. To Be Nang Gold 24k Snail Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask 51g $6
I promise these are all different pictures. This is the same as the previous hydro gel mask with the added bonus of gold extracts!

7. To Be Nang Snail Anti-Wrinkle Face and Neck Mask 61g $3
Another hydro gel mask, similar to the last but this time for face and neck and targeting wrinkles and the Memebox favourite, sagging skin!

So after all that moaning I do actually love this box! I am keen to try hydro gels but I can see this becoming expensive if I start preferring them over sheet masks... woops. This box cost $23 + $7 shipping and has a Memevalue of $100. I am definitely happy with my purchase!

If you fancy trying some of the Memebox masks then hit the link below! 

Martha x

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