Friday, 7 November 2014

Memebox Superbox 84 Skinfood: Unboxing and Review

I'll be very honest I have never tried Skinfood before (only got my first Skinfood items today, both in this box and the Chocomania!) but I have seen lots of girls on the Facebook groups and make up forums wax lyrical about the wonders of this brand. I had a quick look through their products, and as you all know I love food based products anyway which Skinfood specialises in. When this popped up on Memebox I had to grab it!

Hannibal Lecter would be so proud
This box is a bit shrouded in mystery. When it was released a lot of Skinfood items also appeared in the Memebox shop. People were really excited that this was a brand Memebox were clearly now working with and selling their products. Then, a couple of days after the first sold boxes shipped, all traces of Skinfood disappeared. No box, no products in the Memeshop, not a trace... like Lord Lucan!
Anyway hopefully Skinfood will come back as this is a fun little box!

Admittedly Memebox doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to brand boxes. They haven't been amazing so far and I cancelled my Tony Moly box after seeing spoilers as it was okay but not amazing in my eyes. However after seeing how much people loved this brand, and the products they made I felt Memebox would have an easy job making a great box, and I think they have met that brief. It has five items in, which is on the lower side of Memebox but lets have a look and see what I got.

As you can see all of these items have a food theme, except for arguably the eyebrow cake! The write up describes Skinfood as the first Korean brand to emphasise 'feeding the skin' and apparently they travel the world to bring the best ingredients to their skincare! All the products came fully sealed with cellophane which is always reassuring.

1. Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C Cream 75g $13
I really like the packaging and attention to detail on it. The little cherub that pops up everywhere and the natural rough looking paper packaging with the art style really appeals to me! However the sleeve isn't the most practical thing, it reminds me of the offer labels you get on wine bottles that fly off everywhere. I'm not an alcoholic I just worked in Marks and Sparks in my student days and those things got everywhere!

The bottle inside is really sweet though.

The sort of bottle you will keep and decant other, uglier packaged things into!
It is a soft pale pink cream which smells slightly of strawberries to me. It contains raspberry, acai and cranberry which explains the berry scent. You can use this as a normal moisturiser, you can refrigerate it for a more refreshing experience or slather it on thickly as a mask. Thumbs up for product number one!

2. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 100g $9
This was a product I had hoped to receive after seeing it on websites, however I was hoping for the slightly nicer packaged version! Oh well. It doesn't smell particularly great but I have probably been spoilt by the Chocolate Mania smells!

I love sugar scrubs so I will definitely be using this. Its not too rough but I would only use this once a week personally. As you can see on here it says since 1957 so this is a long established brand.

3. Egg White Pore Meringue Foam 200ml $13
Meringue! Yes. I love a good meringue nest (more Marks and Spencer flashbacks. Once we ran out and I flat out refused to believe it since we always had about 700 boxes of the things floating about!) Egg products seem quite abundant for pore care in Korean beauty products so I am excited to try this. It promises fine meringue like bubbles. I personally hate it when my bubbles are not meringue like so this better live up to its promises! It pumped out a very fine piles of bubbles onto my hand and it smells lovely. It is recommended for weak and oily skin so this should work fine for me.

4. Tomato Whitening Toner 180ml $17
I do not have many toners from Memebox so this was a nice inclusion. It is made from sun ripe tomato extracts and has vitamin c for a brighter complexion. The descriptions are very to the point on this card which I like, makes it sound like the products are simple and effective. I hope thats true! Again I think the packaging on this is really sweet and would fit right in a food shop!

5. Choco eyebrow Powder Cake 4g $5
This is the only product where there was a possibility of two colours. One was Grey Brown and the other was Grey Khaki Black. I assume I got Grey Khaki Black, there is a very obscure 1 on the back of the packet which correlates to the card but it isn't clear in any way! Here is the product inside:

I can't see any brown, the grey is there and the other colour does look greyish khaki green to me. I am not sure who needs khaki in their eyebrows but who am I to judge! I won't be using this and I will be gifting it to one of my friends who has green eyebrows. Perhaps someone who needs khaki eyebrows for some sort of army camouflage.

Overall as an intro to the Skinfood brand I am really pleased, as this has 4 full size items I will definitely be using. It is a lower value box but the brand boxes tend to be, as they are so well known the prices of the items are easy to be found and I imagine Memebox cannot get them discounted. I paid $26 + $7 shipping for this item so a total of $33. The value of the items is $57 which I am more than happy with as this is an established brand.

There is currently a big restock going on so hopefully you guys can find something you like! I am also going to be running a giveaway on my blog very soon! it is for a highly sought after and very CUTE box that I managed to grab in the last restock. I am not going to reveal what it is until I have it in my hands, undamaged and perfect, but I definitely WISH that it arrives soon! I'm so subtle it is amazing!

Click the picture below to access the Memeshop, look at the restock and receive affiliate discounts on applicable orders! $5 off code for November is CH5QYM! I haven't seen any 4 digit ones but will be sure to let you know if I find one! There are some princess boxes, which I have reviewed here which are fab, as well as all sorts of others!

Restock central!
Happy shopping!


  1. Yeah the colours for the eyebrow powder aren't accurately named but I was lucky that it worked for my eyebrows. Plus it smells of CHOCOLATE!!!!! *drool* Would have to have seen some more makeup items from their brand but that's more of a nitpick ^^;;

  2. See I am the opposite I would rather have had no make up! I prefer skincare in my Memeboxes as I have way too much make up that I'll never get through in a million years! Are you in the UK Peggy as I would happily post the eyebrow set out to you, my khaki eyebrowed friend! :D