Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Memeshop Item Review: Neogen Camel Milk White Volume Cream

So a package arrived at my door today from Memebox! I was pretty pleased with this arriving as it has been stuck in customs since 29th October so I had written it off as lost. I has also purchased a replacement so I am definitely hoping this is amazing as I'll have two pots to go through!

Click to get some for yourself!
I grabbed another as it is on sale and I was worried by the time my box was deemed actually lost it would be back up to the 'normal' Memeshop price.
First things first, the packaging, it's super cute. The outer cardboard is shaped like a milk carton and is adorned with a lovely camel. As you guys know I love food themed cosmetics, and having tried goat and donkey milk, camel was the next logical step!

The jar itself isn't as large as the carton implies, which gives me more confidence in being able to go through two! It reminds me of old style mason jars, with an embossed gold effect jar lid. 

The cream inside is super super thick and creamy, quite bouncey and firm like a souffle. In fact it looks just like thickly whipped egg whites. It feels divine, and smells pretty good too. It is quite heavily scented but it is a clean fresh scent. it soaks in well and the fragrance stays on your skin. I am actually pretty pleased now that I have two on the way! I had thought it might come in the Cleopatra box, but the package is so big I can barely fit it in any of my boxes so maybe it won't be!

Plus how cute is this picture, in case you were unsure what camel milk was!

Why not!?
I have some Neogen Gold and Caviar facial toner pads on the way soon that I am now looking forward to after seeing the quality of this! I highly recommend it and it is still on sale for $24 in the Memeshop, with free shipping!
Martha x


  1. Hello. Do you like the product? Is it as moisturizing as it claims? I was looking for something to combat winter dry skin.

    1. Yes! I would definitely recommend it for dry skin as its is very very thick, I love it. I ordered a 'replacement' as I thought it was lost so now I have two!

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